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Tibet is one of the most beautiful places in China. It has a magnificent Himalaya Range, a unique landscape, beautiful natural scenery, a long history, culture and ethnic minority customs, and it is an ideal tourist attraction
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Tibetan Festivals

Festival 2017 Calendar Tibetan Calendar
Tibetan New Year 27th Feb 1st Jan
Monlam prayer festival 4th Mar 6th Jan
Butter lamp/ Choe-nga Choepa 12th Mar 15th Jan
Saga Dawa Festival 9th Jun 15th Apr
Sigmo Chenmo
Samye Dhoed
Tradruk Medok Choepa
9th Jul 27th May
Choekor Duechen/Tukbe Tseshi 27th July 4th June
Ganden Serthang 7th August 15th June
Karma Dunba 19th August 28th June
Shoton festival 21st August 30th June
Karma Dunba 19th August 28th June
Yerpa Tsechu 31th August 10th July
Buddha Descendant festival 10th November 22nd September
Palden Lhamo festival 3rd December 15th October

Altitude of Main Cities & Places of Interest in Tibet

City Altitude Attraction Altitude
Lhasa 3658 m/12001 ft Lake Yamdrok 4500 m/14764 ft
Nagqu 4507 m/14787 ft Tashilunpo Monastery 4800 m/15748 ft
Nyingchi 3000 m/9843 ft Rongbuk Monastery 5100 m/16732 ft
Tsedang 3500 m/11483 ft Mt. Everest Base Camp 5200 m/17060 ft
Xigatse 3836 m/12585 ft Yumbulagang Palace 3700 m/12139 ft
Gyangtse 4040 m/13255 ft Lake Namtso 4700 m/15420 ft
Tingri 4300 m/14108 ft Samye Monastery 3556 m/11667 ft

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