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Everest Base Camp Tour

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour is one of the most popular tours in Tibet, this tour takes you to Tibet Everest Base Camp, experience the charm of the Everest.

Join us and check out the most popular tour packages to Everest, you will find what you need here. Walk into the highest summit of the world and see the beauty of the roof of the world.

Mount Everest is the main peak of Himalayas and also the highest peak in the world. Mt. Everest enjoys the reputation of “the roof of the world”. Lying in the far west of Tibet, near the border with Nepal, Everest Base Camp is visited by thousands of tourists every year. 12 kilometers to the north of the summit lies the tourist base camp, around half way between the mountaineer’s base camp and the Rongbuk Monastery.

The journey from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp region will take you from the modern Tibetan capital of Lhasa to pristine high altitude lakes, rivers, glaciers, farming valleys and through the Himalaya’s to Everest Base Camp Region at Rongphu Monastery at an altitude of nearly 5100 meters/17,000 feet. In the Buddhist holy city of Lhasa, you will rub shoulders with pilgrims while going through the Jokhang, the most famous temple in the Himalaya. You will wander through the Potala Palace as well as the massive monasteries of Sera and Drepung.

From Lhasa, you will go the to turquoise-colored lake of Yamdrok and the amazing Karo La Glacier before arriving in the town of Gyantse. Then you will go to Tibet's second largest city, Shigatse, and go through Tashi Lhunpo Monastery. From there, the destination is Everest! At the Everest Base Camp Region, you will get up close and personal with the world’s highest peak from the travelers base camp at Rongphu Monastery. You will spend 10 days experiencing, exploring and photographing the uniqueness of Tibetan culture. This is one of the most fascinating and exciting overland routes in Asia!


Best Everest Base Camp Tour (Classic Itineraries) - Everest Base Camp Tour Package

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour is one of the most popular tours in Tibet, this tour takes you to Tibet Everest Base Camp, experience the charm of the Everest.

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