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Is there any age-limit on Tibet permits

Lots of our customers are curious to know if there is any age-limit on Tibet Visa application, it is absolutely NO. But we have to talk about a similar topic, Is there any age-limit for travelling to Tibet?

Never had a traveler been refused to travel to Tibet due to he/she was considered too young or too old for travelling from our working experience. In the past 10 years, the youngest traveler we received was a 8-month baby while the oldest we had received was at his early 80s. John Bailey from USA, paid a visit to Mt.Everest Base Camp at the age of 82, he spent a holy and safe night at Rongbuk Monastery which is at a high altitude of 5200 metres.

When looking across the history to Climbing Mt.Everest Records, the oldest person reaching the peak of the world’s highest Mount Everest is a 76 years old man from Nepal. The oldest woman conquering the Mt. Everest is a 73-year-old Japanese woman.

We want you to know that Age will never be an obstacle for reaching Tibet, however you need to check your health condition especially for those who have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. For people carrying high-blood pressure or heart seizure, we do not suggest them to go to Tibet for whatever age they belong to.

Our Advice:
*Better not to bring kids under 5 years old to remote area with poor basic facilities like Mt.Everest Base Camp or Mt.Kailashi (Ali). Our customers seldom do such a thing since it would be quite difficult to reach rescue if there is sever high altitude sickness or unexpected accident injuries

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*Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is very common among Senior Citizen. If the senior citizen carry such disease, we do not suggest them to go to Tibet. Even for healthy senior citizen, it is advisable to do a physical check before going to Tibet and follow the doctor’s suggestion

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*Due to fact that Senior Citizen and Children are not as adaptable as a health adult, we suggest you to take an easy and relaxed trip, avoid changing accommodation frequently during your family trip to Tibet

*Despite the harsh geographic condition, we still encourage Children and Senior citizen ( Elder person) with good health to travel to Tibet. After all Tibet, as the World Third-Pole, is place worthy of a visit during your life. Mr. Raymond from Canada had arranged such a trip for his son and daughter 2 years in advance; when we asked him why he would like to take his children alone to Tibet. He severely said: “As a father, I would like them to see the highest mountain in the world”. We are still deeply touched by this great father. Our manager Catherine Go also did a great overland trip from Nepal to Tibet with crossing Mountain Himalaya in winter, 2013 with her 6 year old daughter and 9 year old nephew. She said this trip was wonderful strength and will practice and a perfect lifetime lesson for the children.

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