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Kailash tour treking Cost, How much does Kailash tour

Ali Sacred Mountain Kailash stands on the plateau of the Ali region of western Tibet, it is one of the four sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism and the most famous Buddhist mountain in Tibet. Kailash attracts tens of thousands of tourists and believers every year, usually walking around the outer circle of Kailash in the form of a mountain turn, some believers and tourists choose to ride around the mountain, and more devout Tibetan Buddhists will express their respect for the sacred mountain in the form of five bodies.

Translating the yearning for the sacred mountain into an act of traveling to Tibet, going to Ali to see the sacred mountain with your own eyes, or hiking around Kailash is actually a very easy wish to achieve. As long as you have a half-month vacation, you can make a pilgrimage to Kailash realized. For tourists who are concerned about the cost of going to Kailash to Zhuanshan Mountain, this article will explain it in detail for you, so that you can plan your trip to the sacred lake without worries.

How much does Kailash travel cost?

To travel, in addition to a long enough vacation, adequate financial preparation is also a must. Kailash is far away, and it takes relatively much to go to the mountain to pray for blessings, so what are the costs of going to Kailash to pray for blessings?

What are the costs included in the Kailash Group Tour?

Kailash travel is generally recommended to follow a group tour, here is a long way, through a long section of no man's land, easy to get lost during the mountain transfer, with a chauffeur and accompanying guide, the whole trip will be much more at ease and at ease. The fees included in the group tour generally include the following aspects.

【Travel Permit Fee】
Foreign guests traveling to Tibet will need a series of travel documents such as entry paper, while the Ali Kailash area is located in the border area, so it will also require foreigners' travel certificates and other documents, and it will take a certain amount of time and cost to apply for documents, which are generally included in the tour fee.

【Ticket Fee】
From Lhasa to Ali Kailash Rinpoche, you will pass many popular attractions in Tibet, including Lhasa, the holy lake Yangdroyong Cho, Karora Glacier, Baiju Monastery, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Everest Base Camp, etc. Generally, unless otherwise specified in the tour price, admission fees to attractions will be included.

【Road Transportation Fee】
Although Lhasa to Shigatse tourists can take the train, 99% of the tour groups will recommend you to take a bus road trip, which can slow down the rise in altitude and cause high reaction, you can also enjoy the scenery along the way, you can also stop and take pictures. If you really want to experience the train from Lhasa to Shigatse, you can choose a customized route, but the cost is higher and the tour fee is extra.

【Accommodation fee】
All accommodation costs in Tibet are included in the tour price, but the single room difference is calculated separately. Under normal circumstances, the room is allocated as a standard room with twin beds for 2 people, and if you want to have a separate room by yourself, you need to pay the single room difference. It should be noted that in cities with better conditions such as Lhasa and Shigatse, accommodation conditions are guaranteed, while in Everest Base Camp and Ali Zhuanshan Road, it is possible to stay in multiple rooms, but this is already a situation where local accommodation conditions are better.

【Tour guide driver fee】
The service fee (not tip) of the driver and guide will also be included in the tour price, and our local Tibet drivers and guides with formal qualifications and many years of travel service experience will take you to see the real and beautiful Tibet. The driver drives safely throughout the journey, drives according to traffic rules, and stops at suitable places for tourists to get out of the car and take pictures to go to the toilet. The tour guide can speak Tibetan, Chinese, English and other languages, understand the history and culture of Tibet, know the various attractions in Tibet, and know the best photo spots. They are at your service during the journey, and if you are uncomfortable or unsatisfied during the trip, you can contact the guide directly. We treat every guest traveling to Tibet with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism.

【Travel Insurance Premium】
Travel insurance for each traveler is included in our tour price. Safety is especially important when away from home, and a travel insurance plan can make your trip more secure.

It is important to note that if you have any accidents during your trip to Tibet, or if you may need insurance intervention, you need to contact our travel consultants as soon as possible. Then discuss with the guide how to deal with it, so that the insurance company can assess whether it is covered in time. If you have already received treatment and treatment, have your voucher and invoice and contact our travel advisor after your trip, you may not be reimbursed for your insurance.

What are the self-funded Kailash group tours?

【The hotel offers food and beverage charges other than breakfast】
In all our Tibet group tours, except for breakfast provided by star hotels such as Shigatse in Lhasa, all other meals are at your own expense. This is because Tibet's eating habits are quite different from other regions, and our group members come from all over the world, and everyone does not necessarily like the same food, so in addition to the hotel breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, etc. are all at their own expense, and tourists can choose their preferred taste in Tibet according to their own preferences. It should be noted that during the Everest Base Camp and Kailash Mountain Tour, the local dining options are quite limited, and if you are afraid of eating and are not used to it, you can buy and prepare it from Lhasa.

【Round-trip transportation to and from Tibet airfare, train ticket】
In ordinary group tours, plane and train tickets into Tibet are not included, especially for tour groups assembled in Lhasa. However, in addition to the tour fee, we can purchase a plane ticket or train ticket into Tibet for you according to your needs, and a certain handling fee will be charged on the basis of the original fare. If you buy your own train and plane tickets on the ticketing website, the price may be cheaper, but it may be more difficult to buy tickets, especially train tickets.

【Single room difference fee】
When staying in Shigatse and other places in Lhasa, if there is no room sharing due to the difference in the number of group members or passengers who request to stay in a single room by themselves, there will be a certain single room difference, and this fee will not be included in the tour fee.

【Rental of horses, porters, etc. during the transfer process】
During Kailash Mountain Tour, if there is too much luggage, you need a porter to help carry your luggage, or you need yak workers, horsemen, etc., at your own expense. The tour guide is only a tour guide, can not help tourists carry luggage throughout the process, the tour guide can help you contact the porter, yak worker, horseman, etc. you need, and can also help you bargain, etc. In order to save money, you can choose two people to share a porter, or a group to share yaks, etc.

【Service tip during the tour】
In your trip to Tibet, you may encounter service staff from various industries, in addition to the driver and guide who accompany you throughout the journey, the waiter of the restaurant, the owner of the Everest tent, etc. will become the service provider of your journey, if you are satisfied with their service, you can give a certain tip, not only to reward their professional service, but also to fund and encourage their simple life.

【A series of medical assistance expenses due to illness, etc.】
If you have to take medicine or seek medical treatment if you have an uncomfortable reaction, please communicate with our tour guide in time, do not force it, and do not give up going to the hospital for fear of high medical costs. Tibet has good experience in treating a series of diseases such as altitude sickness, treatment is relatively easy, generally can be handled, and the cost is not too high. But in most cases, as long as there is no problem in adapting to Lhasa at low altitudes in the early stage, there will be no big problem in going to Mount Everest and the sacred mountain holy lake at higher altitudes in the later stage.

How to save money on Kailash travel

After detailing the cost of Kailash travel, next we tell you how to save money on your journey to the mountains of Kailash Mountain.

Join a group tour

Joining a tour can actually save money, especially in a group. Although the itinerary of the group tour is relatively fixed and cannot be changed, it is often a mature route operated by a travel agency, and the tour guide and driver will be very familiar with whether it is a dining point or a viewpoint. In this case, the guide will also take the tourists to the best value for money restaurants. If it is a customized tour, the cost will be relatively higher, especially when going to the unpopular area.

Avoid peak season

The tourist season means that there are many people, whether it is restaurants or hotels, the business will be good, and at this time, whether it is a travel agency booking or a personal booking, the price will be high. And if you go in low season, the price will be relatively cheaper. Kailash Zhuanshan is only suitable for mountain turning and not suitable for mountain transfer, and the suitable season for mountain transfer coincides with the peak season of tourism in Tibet - June to August in summer, but in fact, you can still go to Zhuan Shan in May and September, when there will be fewer tourists and the price will be lower. (Best time to visit Kailash.

Bring less luggage, don't ask for porters

It is inevitable that you will have to carry a lot of luggage during the trip, especially for such a long trip to Kailash Zhuanshan Mountain. When you travel, you inevitably carry a lot of clothes and supplies with large bags and small bags. In fact, when traveling to Tibet, we do not recommend tourists to bring more luggage, although there will be a lot of things to prepare, but you can really bring less clothes. It will be better to travel to Tibet with less luggage, and in the process of turning the mountain, a small amount of luggage can be saved without the porter or groom, saving a lot of costs. Note that porters are paid for three days at once, and whether you use 1 day or 2 days, you will need to pay for the entire transfer.

Views from afar do not turn mountains

To visit Kailash you can also choose not to hike the mountain route, especially for those who are not physically fit or have poor altitude adaptation, not hiking to the mountain can make the journey easier and more comfortable. At the same time, you can also save travel expenses without hiking to the mountain, because you can reduce the duration of the tour, and you do not have to pay for accommodation, food, porter expenses, etc. during the three-day trip to the mountain. The time saved can also be used to visit the ruins of the Guge dynasty and more attractions such as Alizada Tulin. Ali has many points to see Kailash from afar, and the best location is in the northeast corner of the holy lake of Ma Punyong and on the way to the town of Tachin. Of course, with sufficient time and money, turning mountains would be the greatest devotion to the Buddha.


Due to the remote location of Mount Kailash and even if you reach Lhasa, it is still a few days to get to it, so a trip to Kailash requires a long vacation and sufficient financial preparation. A trip to Kailash from Lhasa costs about 12,000 RMB, and if you calculate from the place of departure, plus the transportation cost to and from Lhasa, it may cost nearly 20,000 RMB, or about US$2,800.

If you want to save the cost of traveling to Kailash Zhuanshan Mountain, it is recommended to book a discounted ticket six months in advance from the Internet, and after success, you can find a local travel agency in Tibet to participate in a group tour from Lhasa, which can save both transportation costs and travel expenses in Tibet. Choose our travel agency, book 3 months in advance, and enjoy a 95% discount on the total price. Kailash is in high season from May to September, and friends who have travel plans can book from January to March every year, contact us to enjoy discounts.