Mount Kailash Tours
Mount Kailash Trek along the ultimate pilgrimage route in Tibet

Mount Kailash Tours

Mount Kailash Tours is famous for pilgrims and trekking tours and has been one of the popular and must-visit destinations for Tibet tour in recent years.

Mount Kailash (22028 Feet), considered to be a physical embodiment of the mythical Mount Meru, is believed to be the most sacred mountain in the world. It is located in the western part of Tibet at a distance of 1205km from Lhasa. Its snow dusted rock pyramid lies between the Himalayas and Karakorum ranges. From its peak, one can enjoy the views of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Nepal.

Mount Kailash is the holy place of Hindus and Buddhists. Buddhist believes Mount Kailash is the most revered Buddhist deity, Hindus believe that Mount Kailash to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Every year, thousands of pilgrims visit to walk around Mount Kailash. Religious Aspect The mountain is sacred and therefore it's not allowed to climb to its summit.

Along the Mount Kailash Tours, visitors also take a holy deep in Manasarovar Lake. The lake is considered a sacred site and the highest freshwater lake in the world.

Mount Kailash tours are only available for 7 months each year, especially in spring(April to May) and Autumn(September to October). In spring, tourists will have more chances to see clear views of Mount Kailash owing to good visibility. Autumn is especially ideal for trekking tours in Mount Kailash and Manasarovar. For trekking lovers, Mount Kailash is always their dream destination. The fifty-three kilometers trekking will let you travel with mountain vista, following the ancient pilgrimage trails. It is considered most auspicious to make a religious pilgrimage around its fifty-three kilometers circuit.

The road conditions in Western Tibet, where Mount Kailash is located, have greatly improved over the past few years. Most of the roads have been paved with asphalt so that cars and mini-buses can now pass with much less time spent on the road. A new airport has also been built in Western Tibet, greatly improving travel connections with the rest of Mainland China and the world.

To visit Mount Kailash, tourists should not only prepare the Tibet Travel Permit also apply for Alien Travel Permit, which is issued by the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Tibet. For a proper visit, plan to spend around 13 to 15 days. For more information, please contact Travel Tibet China, we will customize Mount Kailash tours for you.


Popular Mount Kailash Trek & Pilgrimage Tours

We have carefully designed a few of Mount Kailash group tours that allow you to enjoy a first-rate pilgrimage journey. These trips all start from Lhasa and will take you to Everest Base Camp en route. You can choose to experience the 3-day Kailash kora or not. Also, a longer trip can take you to Guge Kindom beyond Kailash region.

Following are our well-designed popular tour package to Kailash and Manasarovr Lake, including a fixed-departure group tour and two customizable private trips. You can also contact us to design a trip of your own based on your personal needs.

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13 Days Mt. Kailash Trekking Tour

lhasa - yamdrok lake - shigatse - mt.everest - lake manasarova - kailash trek - saga

15 Days Kailash Pilgrimage Small Group T...

lhasa - yamdrok lake - shigatse - mt.everest - lake manasarova - kailash trek - saga

The 15-days Kailash pilgrimage tour takes you to visit the heart of central Tibet, including Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigtse& Sakya. Then head to enjoy Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, e...

17 Days Northern Mt Kailash(Ali) Tour

lhasa - yamdrok lake - shigatse - mt.everest - lake manasarova - kailash trek - saga - namtso

2018 join in tour: A trip to visit Mt. Kailash (Gyantse,Shigatse,EBC,Lake Manasarovar, Mt. Kailash, Tsada Earth Forest, Site of Ancient Guge Kingdom, etc.) 17 days Round Trip to Northern Ti...

Top Ngari Attractions

Ngari is vast but thinly populated, which make it difficult to travel to some far palaces due to lack of supply, accommodation and transportation. Fortunately, the best highlights sites, including Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake and Guge Kingdom Site, are conveniently located with easy access. Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake are Musts to see and pilgrims always undertake a Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

Mt. Kailash

Best time to visit: May to October
Mount Kailash is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Literally meaning "mountain of God", Mount Kailash is the holiest mountain in Asia, and worshiped by four influential religions, including Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Like a tradition, every single year, a large number of pilgrims from all over the world traveling far here to walk the Kora around Mount Kailash.

Lake Manasarovar

Best time to visit: May & October
Manasarovar Lake, located on the south of Mount Kailash, is one of three holy lakes in Tibet together with Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake. The lake water is crystal clean and glimmering blue under the sunshine. For religious believers, like Hindus and Buddhists, bathing in Manasarovar and drinking its water is believed to cleanse all sins and taking a Kailash Mansarovar Kora is a lifetime journey.

Guge Kingdom

Best time to visit: April to October
Although hundreds of years have passed, some of the golden relics of palaces, caves, monasteries and houses survived fortunately and become the valuable materials for research on Tibetan history and architectures. Besides its historical significance, the Site of Guge Kingdom is also a great attraction to enjoy the barren landscape of nature and admire the lost civilization.

Zanda Earth Forest

Best time to visit: April to October
Zanda Earth Forest is located along the river of Langqen Zangbo, Zanda County in Ali. It has been viewed as the most typical and largest tertiary strata earth forest in the world with the total area of ...

Useful Guide and Tips about Mount Kailash Tibet Tour

How to Get to Ngari

Taking Flights to Ngari - Ngari Gunsa Airport is the only airport in Ngari Prefecture. It is about 45km from Shiquanhe Town and 220km from Mount Kailash. Travelers can take flights to Ngari Gunsa Airport from Lhasa, Kashgar and Urumqi. Lhasa usually has a daily flight to Ngari in tourist peak seasons. It takes about 2 hours to get to Ngari. Urumqi in Xinjiang also operates flights to Ngari on Tuesdays and Fridays, with stopover at Kashgar, which takes about 4 hours to get to Ngari.

Driving to Ngari - There are two driving routes from Lhasa to Ngari – southern route and northern route. Usually, the southern route, about 1250km in distance, is most chosen because it has better road condition and more attractions to see along the road. It starts from Lhasa, via Yamdrok Lake, Gyantse, Shigatse and Sagar. The northern route is only taken by Chinese self-driving travelers.

Best Time to Visit Ngari

Ngari Prefecture has a harsh climate. Compared with Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, Ngari is colder and windier, and has fewer rainfalls. The lowest temperature can be low to - 20.3°C. More than 149 days of a year have winds which reach least level 8. There are hug temperature gabs between day and night. So you’d better wear and pack accordingly. Considering weather and road conditions, you should avoid to visit Ngari area during January, February, March, November and December when the temperatures are very low, and there are usually strong snows. Trails are usually covered by snows, and not available for walking. April to October is the trekking seasons as well as the pilgrimage seasons at Mount Kailash area. The best month would be May, June, September and October. July and August are yearly rainy seasons.

Where to Accommodate in Ngari

The accommodation in Ngari Prefecture is quite simple and basic, especially during the Mount Kailash Kora. Shiquanhe Town, capital city Ngari prefecture, has the best accommodation in the fecture with 3-star hotel standard. Before the Kora, travelers usually have to stay a night at Sagar and a night at Darchen. Sagar County has several guest houses with 2 star standard. While in Darchen, there are only some basic guest houses.

During the Mount Kailash Kora, travelers usually accommodate at guest houses in monasteries or nomads’ tent along the kora, or camping overnight. But please be aware that everything is very basic. And sometimes it is very difficult to find a bed in the guest houses during the kora peak seasons. The houses are in or near the monasteries, constructed by stones and earth.There are multiple beds rooms with 3 beds, 5 beds, 8 beds. Don’t expect the private bathroom as well as a shower.

Mount Kailash Trekking

Mount Kailash Trek is one of the most popular and important trekking routes in the world. The trek goes along the ancient pilgrimage trails of Tibetan Buddhists, Hindus and Jains, with a total length of 54km. The highest location in the trek is Drolma-la with an altitude of 5630 meters. It starts from Darchen Village. After walking an circle around Mount Kailash, return to Darchen. The whole trek usually needs 3 days to finish. It is an exciting challenge for both your mind and body. During the Mount Kailash Trek, you can not only enjoy the closer views of the holies mountain in the Asia, but also witness how the devout pilgrims express their believes to the Gods - Tibetan Buddhist prostrate or walk forward while the Hindus usually ride horses in the barren valleys.

Useful Tibet Ngari Travel Notes

1. How to Plan Ngari Travel

Mount Kailash Kora and sightseeing the beautiful Manasarovar Lake is the most popular things to do in Ngari. To have a Tibet tour which includes Mount Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, you usually have to start their tours from the capital city Lhasa where you will spend one or two days for acclimation, then travel to Shigatse, and visit Yamdrok Lake and Gyantse City on route. From Shigatse, you can decide to visit Mount Everest or not. If you want to include Mount Everest, just add one day to your itinerary. If you want to ignore Mount Everest, directly drive from Shigatse to Saga Town where you will spend a night. Keep driving a full day from Saga to Darchen. Then the 3 days Mount Kailash Kora can start. The Manasarovar Lake can be visited after the Kora. After the tour, drive back to Lhasa along the way coming. If you don’t want to spend much time on driving, you can directly take a flight to Ngari Gunsa Airport first, then transfer from the airport to Darchen to start the tour. After the tour, fly back to Lhasa.

2. High Altitude Sickness Tips

The average elevation of Ngari Prefecture is about 4500 meters, which may cause High Altitude Sickness to some travelers. But according to our years’ experience, travelers can adapt the altitudes well if preparation is made well. Firstly, take a physical examination before traveling to Tibet and pack necessary medicines; secondly, spend some days in Lhasa for acclimatization, then travel to Ngari at a moderate pace; thirdly, keep yourself warm all the time and prevent from catching a cold; fourthly, keep a relaxing mind. Your tour operator will also prepare oxygen supply for emergency use.

3. Wearing and Packing Tips

Wear warm and comfortable for the harsh weather. The temperatures are much low in Ngari Prefecture, especially in Mount Kailash region. What’s worse, the weather changes frequently. The temperature gap between day and night is much different. Basic warm, comfortable and firm clothing are required. You are suggested to dress in layers (both thin and thick jackets). A pair of strong, well-fitting boots is necessary. Also bring a pair of gloves for possible snow. You should also bring rain gears if you travel in July and August.

4. Necessary Permits for Visiting Ngari

To take a tour to Mount Kailash and other areas in Ngari, travelers need to obtain several necessary permits. Firstly you will need a Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Entry Permit) which is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. This permit is the most important permit because you will need to take flight/train to Tibet. And it will also be checked in Tibet. Secondly you have to obtain an Alien Travel Permit which allows you to visit Ngari prefectures, including Mount Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Guge, etc. Thirdly you will have to apply for a Border Pass because Mount Kailash area is located near the border between China, India and Nepal. Fourthly, you will need the Military Permit which Issued by the Military office in Lhasa. Tibet Travel Permit must be obtained before your trip while the Alien Travel Permit, Border Pass and Military Permit will only be checked when you are already in Tibet.

Mount Kailash Tours Guide

How to Get to/around Mount Kailash

How to Get to/around Mount Kailash, Ngari is remote area in west Tibet and southwest Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, bordered Nagchu to east, Shigatse to southeast, Xinjiang to north

Best Time to Visit Ngari

The best time to visit Ngari is from May to October, when the summer sun melts the snow and roads and highways are free to pass. Look at red leaves in autumn and wild flower carpets in spring.

Mount Kailash Trekking

Mount Kailash trekking tour is one of the most demanding and challenging of treks for pilgrims in the world. before you hit the road, let’s find out what to expect and how to plan for the Mt.Kailash tour

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra is a great practice to wash off all the sins in one’s life in Buddhism. the outer circuit centering on Mount Kailash while the inner circuit focusesing on Mount Yinjietuo.

Mount Kailash Travel Permit

As we all know, all foreign travellers are required to have a valid China Visa with Tibet Travel Permit to enter and tour Tibet. Since Mt. Kailash is located in the remote Ali and is the restricted area in Tibet

What to eat during Mt.Kailash trekking?

There are mainly four types of cuisine you can find in Ngari: Tibetan food, Sichuan food, Xinjiang food and Hunan/Dongbei food. Price is basically around 50-70 yuan per person

The Grandest Saga Dawa Festival at Sacred Mt. Kailash

Saga Dawa Festival celebrates the birth, parinirvana (death), and enlightenment of Buddha. And the most auspicious place to celebrate is Mt. Kailash. This article helps you to know more about Kailash Saga Dawa Festival.

Hotels in Mt. Kailash

The hotels would provide clean guests' rooms and thoughtful service for you. After a long trip, you definitely need a good rest. Hope you can enjoy you time here.

Five Monasteries around Mt.Kailash

Choku is the first monastery on Mt.Kailash outer kora, while Selung and Gyangzha are situated on the inner kora. Having undergone through years of weathering, all the five monasteries with different...

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