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FAQs on Altitude Sickness When Taking Train to Tibet

1. Can Train to Tibet help you to release the symptom of altitude sickness?

It is said train to Tibet can help you adapting the high altitude slowly by the smoothly ascending elevation; of course it works but is not absolutely correct. Because when train going through Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, air pressure inside train is not as low as the outside as the cars are always close, in addition, the Oxygen is fulfilled the cars. Actually, the passengers live in a different environment from the actual plateau environment outside; it does not help you too much on acclimating. As our experience, the major purposes for travelers to go to Tibet by train are the cheap price and to experience the famous train itself. Therefore, you may consider taking train leaving Lhasa after your trip in peak travel season when the tickets booking of going into Lhasa trains are too busy.

2. What kind of diseases is dangerous for passengers who take train to Tibet?

According to the sanitarian department and doctors, the passengers can travel to the plateau only after, finishing their physical examination and approved by the doctors. Passengers are not suitably travel to the plateau area where above 3,000 meters when they have one of the following diseases: Each kind of nature heart disease, apparent heart heat abnormal or the heats are above 100 times per minute, the hypertension II, blood dissease and the brain vein disease.Chronicity respiratory system disease moderate above blocking lung disease including bronchia tube asthma, bronchiectasis, pulmonary emphysema, activity pulmonary tuberculosis, dust pulmonary tuberculosis etc.

3. Does Tibet Train supply Oxygen?

Being warmly considerate on Oxygen supply, Tibet Train offers two sets of Oxygen supply system. One is full cabin Oxygen supply, the other is private Oxygen supply.

When Tibet Train heads its way up to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zone, Oxygen begins to emit to the whole cabin by temperature and air pressure controlling system, it mostly release the difficulty of traveling on such a high altitude, like headache, out of breath inside Oxygen filled cabins. The altitude, temperature , driving speed are shown on each cabin as well.

Private Oxygen masks are provided to every passengers whatever tickets you have. In sleeping berth car, you can find Oxygen Suppy tude and mask on each cabin for emergency.

The air pressure inside train is automatically controlled to make you feel as traveling in low altitude zone. More than these conveniences, the glass window of Tibet Train is designed to anti ultraviolet rays. In a conclusion, Tibet Train is such a train full of caring, known as the best Train exploring on the roof of the word.

4. Is there first aid provided when passengers suffered from high altitude sickness or other diseases?

The thoughtful Tibet Train staff provide temporary medical service, passengers can get first aid on the train whenever they need.