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What to buy in Tibet Traditional handicrafts

Tibetan rug has a big fame across the whole world due to the unique weaving method, bright color and auspicious pattern. Tibetan people use them for flooring, wall hanging and sitting. Highland sheep’s wool, which has long solid fiber, good elasticity and luster, is the first –class material for making high quality rugs. Jiangzi (Gyangzê) is the hometown of

Tibetan rug. Most color in Jiangzi carpet is abstracted from local tree leaves, grass roots and minerals except red and black. Therefore, with these natural dyes, you can maintain it for a long time.

The Pulu, translated into mandarin, is called Tibetan wool fabric or woolen. It is said that Pulu making has a long history of almost 2000 years already. Tibetans use them ranging from making blankets, hats, shoes to clothes. In ancient time, the Pulu is a very important tribute and the famous one is made in Zalang, Nagarzê, Gyangzê, Markam and other places.

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