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If you have been to Tibet

"When you write PPT, Alaska's cod is leaping out of the water
When you look at the report, the Murray Snow Mountain's golden monkey just climbed the tip of the tree
When you squeeze into the subway, the Tibetan eagle has been circling the clouds
When you quarreled in the meeting, the Nepalese backpackers took the glass and sat next to the fire
There are some ways to wear high heels can not get away
There are some air that is not filled with perfume
There are some people who never met in the office "

I like to travel, people are not really, just like the holiday time spent on the scenery. What is scenery? Maybe everyone has their own answers.

Say that it is the nearest place from heaven, so that you can put aside the mind, purify the mind. I do not know right, but in the deletion of photos, each one is difficult to choose.

Came back a lot of people asked me how to Tibet, so fun? I just smiled. For so many years Tibet has been entrenched in the heart, it is not just a mark on the map, not just one of the places I have traveled. This feeling is difficult to use language to describe, it will be kind of eternal memory. Although the trip has unhappy places.

If there is no big event in life, most of the time is forgotten, travel is one way to make life remember.

The general trip is the 2014 National Day, a little far, some do not remember, make do see it. 10.1 Kunming - Lhasa - Jokhang Temple
10.2 Lhasa - Mira Yamaguchi - Carved ditch - Nepalese Court - Bayi town
10.3 Timber and Day - Nayou Ditch
10.4 Nyingchi - Lhasa
10.5 Lhasa - sheep Zhuo Yong wrong - Koruo La glacier - Lhasa
10.6 Lhasa - Nam Co wrong
10.7 Lhasa - Kunming

In fact, has been very worried about the issue of altitude sickness, but the plane a floor, the eyes of all the novelty completely forgot what is high. If I am not mistaken, Gongga Airport is the only airport I have ever seen next to the fighter plane, a variety of alert is very strict. And then go with a small partner and because, because of the time, did not go into the Potala Palace, but it does not matter, I will come back.

Put down your luggage and go to Jokhang Temple.

For us to learn Ma Zhe 80, the religious belief in our body seems to become unfamiliar. We can not understand the Tibetan devout worship of faith, can not interpret the history and meaning of the Jokhang Temple, can not read the story behind each statue of Buddha, can not see through the world's greedy anger crazy.

This is a lack of faith in the era, and even the lack of moral bottom line. Impetuous and confused. Some people believe that the Buddha, some people channel, more people believe evil, some people believe it. Few people can keep their hearts pure in such a society. When sitting in the door of the Jokhang Temple, look at those men and women pious worship, the sun sprinkled on them, I clearly believe in their blood, there is a sun in their rise, falling day and night, they are quiet and fascinated This faith, would rather pay for a lifetime, to watch the future, their hearts are calm and happy, simple and real, they are the world's most peaceful and practical people. Because it is Tibet.

Dinner is eaten at Maggie Ami. Maggie Ami the name, from the six Dalai Lama Caoyang Gyatso's love poem, according to legend is the six Dalai Chancellor Jiayao Although the Dalai Lama, but the freedom of life, in a travel in love with a folk woman Maggie Meters, and difficult to extricate themselves, even slipped out of the temple with their meet. In the year 20 years old this love has been a complete outbreak of love, the fifth Dalai Lama master prepared for his grant when the monks, he was grieving want to commit suicide. For the freedom of love, mortals can flee, the little monks can be vulgar, only him, as the first person of the Dalai Lama, no place to hide, no fled In order to prevent the central Gyatso, some local religious forces even sent people tied to Maggie Ami, told him that this is a filthy woman, and the warehouse Gyatso said that all the world's pollution is not enough to contaminate Maggie Ami's holiness. Later, Maggie Ami marry, although the memory of her heart, but still continue to do the Dalai Lama, created a lot of love works. There are many versions of this story, there are also said that Ma Ji Ami died. No matter how the story is written, he left a romantic love poem, touched countless people.
There are a lot of messages in the restaurant, we all recorded the infinite sense of Tibet.

Arrived on the way to a small attraction, stuck ditch.

To the Nepalese Pavilion, to understand some of the history of the workers group, and that year just opened Gesang Hua.

To the day and the day, just snow, so that the scenery is more beautiful and mysterious. For the people of Yunnan, is still a favorite of a scenic spot.

Nanyou ditch, okay. Remember that day saw Nanjia Bawa peak, so lucky.

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