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What should I pack before go to Tibet?

Here below is a packing list for your reference. Many people found most of the stuffs they put in their suitcases for the vacation kept untouched until arriving home. Therefore, please keep in mind “Pack Light!”

BACK PACK/SUITCASE – Your main container to store your things. Something light weight and durable is best.

DAY PACK – A book-bag or fanny-pack to use for daily excursions (to carry camera, water bottle, jacket, notebook, etc).

STUFF SACKS – Light-weight and compact, using stuff sacks to separate clothes, food, toiletries, and everything else will bring order to your pack, and make your life simpler.

MONEY BELT – A very important item to wear daily, under your clothes, safely hiding your passport, money, etc.

RAIN COAT – A water-proof wind breaker, ideally light-weight and breathable, very helpful during rainy season in Tibet from June to August.

WEARS: Due to the ever-changing weather and the extreme difference in temperature in Tibet, tourists are suggested to bring layered clothes. But if you plan to come in early April or late October (or even winter time), a warm (down or leather) coat is definitely needed for fighting against the coldness and wind on the roof of the world. Jeans are fine, but heavy and take a long time to dry. Maybe 1-2 more comfortable pants are needed as well as 4 - 5 pairs of socks and underwear each. Many local people and some tourists use masks to keep the moisture in the nose. If you don’t want to buy the local ones, you can bring 1-2 from home.

SNEAKERS/SHOES – Durable and comfortable, for daily wear.

SUNSCREEN, VISOR / SUN HAT and SUN GLASSES – It is very important to have these things on the plateau to prevent getting sunburned.


CAMERA & FILM (battery charger if needed)


ALARM CLOCK – light, portable.

TOWEL – Small and light (and ideally fast-drying).

TOILETRIES – Just those basics! (Brush, toothbrush & paste, shampoo, minimal cosmetics, rubber bands, etc.), Need to bring hair driers, irons, etc. MEDICATIONS/VITAMINS – Only medications you take regularly, and those tablets your doctors recommended before you come to Tibet.

GLASSES – If you wear them or contact lenses.

PASSPORT - Good for at least 6 months from the beginning of your program.



BOOK – Ideally about the places we will visit (we can swap around to minimize weight).

SPENDING MONEY – We suggest that you may bring some pocket money like US$25-30 unless you plan on buying a lot of gifts. You can go to Bank of China to draw cash from major credit cards like Visa, Master Card and American Express as well as Traveler's cheques. In Tibet only Bank of China Lhasa Main Office (28 Lingkhor Bei Road, Tel: 0891-6835078, working hour: 09:30-13:00 and 15:30-18:00, Mon. - Fri.). There is another branch at Beijing Dong Road between Kirley Hotel and Banak Shol Hotel (09:30-13:00 Mon. – Fri. and 11:00 – 15:00, Sat. – Sun.). In Shigatse, tourists can only change Traveler’s Cheques at Bank of China Office, but no credit card service available at the moment.

SMALL GIFTS FOR KIDS – pencils, candies and other small gifts can give you a green light to get close to local people (children).

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