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Lhasa famous restaurant Maggie Ami Western food bar

Mayke Ame Mayke Ame, it is an eye-catching yellow tavern renowned for its beauty and its petty bourgeois romance. A landmark of Lhasa nightlife, this restaurant gains its fame partly because of the legend accompanied it. According to legend, Mayke Ame is the heroine of the poem written by Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dalai Lama of Tibet. The little tavern was once the place of date between the two. Many foreign tourists or locals would choose to sit beside the windows and have a drink of beer or whatever wines offered there after nightfall. The price of food and liquors or drinks here are not expensive with consumption averaging RMB100-200.

Mayke Ame, the landmark of Lhasa petty bourgeois romance

Address: southeast corner of the Barkhor Street, Lhasa, Tibet