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How to successfully complete Mount Kailash Trek?

The difficulty of turning the mountain is not small, many tourists to the pilgrimage retreat in the middle because of physical and other factors, tourists must have a tour guide with the group on the way to the mountain, in order to ensure the safety of tourists throughout the pilgrimage process.

The Mount Kailash trekking trail has always been one of the most difficult hikes in Asia. Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world brave the odds and hike 52 kilometers around Kailash Mountain. However, the difficulty of turning the mountain is not small, and many tourists to pilgrimage retreat midway due to physical and other factors, and they may not be able to succeed at one time. Before heading out for Kailash trekking, we have prepared some useful tips for you to enjoy a perfect Kailash trek.

Choose the best time for Kailash to turn the mountain

April ~ October is the most suitable time for Kailash to turn mountains, when the weather in Lhasa warms up, summer mode during the day, spring and autumn mode at night, the temperature is suitable and the body feels comfortable. Especially during the Sagadarwa festival, which is the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar every year, although the temperature is still very low, it is not too cold to hike the mountain, and during this period, the rainy season has not reached the sacred lake area of Ali, because the weather visibility is better, even if there is snow, the sky is still bright, and Kailash is more visible.

Kailash in summer

Tibetan Buddhist believers see this month as a month of creation and auspiciousness. During this period, people from all over Tibet were surging, they did not kill or eat meat, they kowtow, saluted Buddha around the pagoda, and gave alms and burned incense. Because the Tibetan people of Saga Yue will pour into the streets to turn their prayers, and the number of people going to the sacred mountain and holy lake will also increase. Sagadawa's festival is a festival for the entire Tibetan population, and visitors can seize this opportunity to experience the traditional festival of celebrating with the Tibetan people, at this time there are Tibetans who turn prayers to pray near Barkhor Street in Lhasa, and major monasteries also launch various activities to celebrate this grand traditional festival.

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Kailash made sufficient preparations before turning to the mountain Prepare for the cold

On the way to the mountain, the temperature is cold. Especially in the morning and night, even in the spring and summer, do not neglect to keep warm, on the road must take quick drying clothes, fleece jackets, storm jackets, light down jackets, cotton pants, storm pants, ankle thick socks, hiking shoes, the wind is strong, it is best to prepare a warm hat.

Sun protection preparation

Tibet's ultraviolet rays are very strong, and they will peel off without sun protection, so they must be fully armed with sunscreen hats, magic towels, gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen during the hike and turning the mountain.

Hiking equipment

The trekking is long and arduous, and there is no shortage of hiking equipment, waterproof hiking shoes, necessary equipment for hiking and trekking poles. Secondly, visitors can bring their own sleeping bags along the way, especially if you turn to the mountain during the peak travel season, there are accommodation on the west, north and east sides of Mount Kinabalu. However, the environment is very poor, and the beds are very limited, and people who are a little particular about hygiene are better to prepare sleeping bags.

Physical reserve

Bring something light and high in energy, such as food chocolate, butter tea. There are supply points every 2 or 3 hours along the way to the mountain, which can be replenished with instant noodles and water, so prepare 1-2L of water and a small amount of road meals, you can reduce the burden and reduce the burden, don't carry too much, otherwise you won't be able to carry it at all in the end. There are also moisturizing products, emergency medicines, such as highland Kang, danshen lozenges, glucose, bandages, headache powder, ibuprofen, amoxicillin, cold medicine, etc., just in case.

Kailash Mountain accommodation and dining

The largest supply station for pilgrims is the town of Tachin located at the foot of the southern mountain of Mount Kinabalu, which is the beginning and end of the mountain, a relatively small town, facing the vast Bagar steppe and the tender Mabunyong, there are restaurants, supermarkets, vegetable shops, grocery stores, various entertainment facilities, Tachin town is no longer the era of a few simple tents in the past, there are many decent hotels, the accommodation environment is okay, most of them are family hotels, restaurants are more, there are more food options available, and the things sold in the town Everything from trekking poles and oxygen cylinders to Red Bull drinks, convenience foods and more.

The 22-kilometer journey from Tachin to Jiāmi Temple is mostly uphill, and it takes about 6 hours to hike at a constant pace. Because after passing the Dolmala Pass, which is more than 5600 meters above sea level, after passing the Dolmala Pass, the hiking altitude is higher, and there is no accommodation to rest in the near distance, so they will choose to rest and stay in the Zhizhen Temple, and on the way, they will pass through the Zunzhu Temple, and the accommodation conditions will be much simpler than that of Tachin Town.

But tourists don't have to worry too much, there will be corresponding supply stations along the way to the mountain, tourists can replenish food and water at the supply station, there will be tents, water instant noodles, tourists can also bring their own dry food or cook their own food, Kailash hikes above 4500 meters above sea level, water can not be heated to 100 degrees Celsius, about 60 degrees Celsius, so the choice of equipment should consider the suitable plateau cooking utensils.

Precautions during the hike of Kailash Mountain

1. On the way around the mountain, the first and most important thing is to pay attention to safety, do not act alone, too far away from the team, it is easy to get lost. And it is easy to encounter wild dogs on the way, it will be very dangerous, and secondly, you must pay attention to the falling rocks under your feet during hiking and be careful of landslides. Remember to go to the left side of the way down, don't copy the path down the mountain, the path stones are very dangerous.

2. Visitors should pay attention to hygiene during this period, do not throw garbage with you, please take it with you to protect the beautiful environment of Mount Kinababel.

3. During the mountain transfer, visitors should respect local customs, do not point at the sacred mountain, respect the locals in front of you, you may meet other mountain turners and worshippers, do not have disrespectful words and behavior. Do not destroy the mani piles and prayer flags along the way, do not take away the belongings left by the mountain runners, and do not easily feed the small animals encountered on the way, so as to leave good memories for this sacred trip.

4. If you are unwell on the way to the mountain, you will withdraw in time. Altitude sickness in the process of mountain transfer is a normal phenomenon, encounter altitude sickness, tourists themselves do not have too much psychological panic, adjust the mentality, pay attention to rest and replenish physical strength. Headaches and difficulty breathing at altitudes above 4800 are also normal reactions. Before turning the mountain, you can prepare some plateau ann, headache powder, glucose, red bull in advance. If there is a cold, physical exhaustion, high anti-serious and other situations need to be explained to their tour guide in time, do not carry hard, follow the tour guide's arrangement, must return when it is time to return, their own body is tight, do not take risks. (Kailash hiking altitude variation and high response pair)

Is it necessary to ask for porters and grooms on the way to the mountain?

Going to Kailash to turn the mountain is the most devout faith of many people in their lives, but the journey is indeed very long, it takes a long time, sometimes if you set out in the dark, it is easy to get lost, and you will encounter wild dogs on the way, the altitude is high, the environment is very difficult, personal physical strength is limited, at this time porters and horsemen are your biggest dependency.

Tourists with a lot of luggage or those with poor physical strength can also choose to spend money at each supply point to ask the porter to carry the luggage to the next rest point, so that hikers can go forward without weight and the journey is easier, so it is highly recommended that tourists choose a porter or groom, just in case.

Kailash Mountain Turnaround Tour

Among the many Kailash mountain tours, it is recommended that tourists choose the 15-day group tour of the sacred lake of Ali Shenshan in Tibet. This route allows you to slow down your travel, first visiting Lhasa's famous attractions such as the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple, and then going to Octagon Street to experience the history and culture of this holy city. Then set off to Yangzhuoyuncuo Lake, the world's highest freshwater lake, and the Zongshan Anti-British Ruins, with its exquisite murals and carvings.

Kailash turns the scenery along the mountain

Then march from Shigatse to Everest Base Camp and spend an unforgettable night at Everest. The next day, I woke up from Everest Base Camp and headed to Saga, where I went to see the birds, black-necked cranes, and red-billed gulls on Lake Pekucuo, which was like a blue sky. Then head west to Tachin, where a ribbon between the Gundes and Himalayas, cleverly coiled between the mountains, is the Shaga Valley, where visitors can touch the highland and experience the mysterious beauty and wonder of nature.

Along the way up the valley, visitors can clearly see the west and north faces of Kailash with towering and imposing towers on one side and layers on the other. After resting, start hiking through the Dolmala Pass, the highest elevation of the mountain, to challenge the physical fitness and feel the magic of devotional faith, and then the altitude of the mountain begins to slowly decrease, and the return to Tachin begins until you reach the starting point of Lhasa, where the perfect mountain transfer trip is truly over.


Since ancient times, pilgrims have flocked on the road leading to Mount Kinabalu, but the difficulty of turning the mountain is very difficult, and many tourists who go to the pilgrimage retreat midway due to physical and other factors, and it is not always possible to succeed in one go. This requires visitors to have super willpower and good physical fitness. Because the process of turning the mountain is very difficult, tourists must have a guide with a group on the way to the mountain to ensure the safety of tourists throughout the pilgrimage process.