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Altitude sickness prevention Guide

Drugs for the treatment of altitude sickness

Prevention of drugs are Rhodiola, American ginseng tablets, glucose granules, etc .; treatment of high anti-drugs are plateau security, dinicon capsule, easy to easily, muscle tablets and so on.

Rhodiola: Rhodiola rhizome part of the tea used to make tea, boiled water, but also made of Rhodiola granules or oral solution, is the traditional anti-altitude sickness drugs, it is recommended to Tibet one or two weeks before taking the effect good.

Plateau An: Plateau Anyou granules (granules), capsules and other types, is conducive to alleviate the reaction of the plateau drugs, recommended to take a few days before the effect of better.

Dinuo Kang capsule: OTC proprietary Chinese medicines, mainly to alleviate myocardial ischemia, improve cardiovascular function, the high anti-a certain degree of mitigation.

Easy: easy to contain a variety of vitamins with minerals, is conducive to enhance physical fitness, has a good anti-altitude reaction.

Muscle tablets: to alleviate the plateau reaction has a significant effect.


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