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Tibet over the elevation

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the highest plateau in the world, with an average elevation of around 4,500 meters. The region is hence known as “the roof of the world’.

The lowest elevation is in the Eastern part of Tibet, in the Nyingchi province. The area is famous for its incredibly beautiful landscapes and is often compared to Switzerland.

You can see dense forests, alpine lakes and vast rivers there. Nyingchi becomes very popular in Spring, as the Peach Blossom festival is celebrated there in March and you can see the blooming trees throughout April.

The highest altitude area is in Ngari, the Western part of Tibet. This area is famous for its rigid climate and distinct landscape: muddy mountains with lots of caves that Tibetans used for meditation

One of the main attraction of Ngari is the sacred Mount Kailash 6,638m/ 21,778 ft high. Thousands of pilgrims challenge themselves every year walking the kora or circumlocution route around Kailash, with the highest point of the trek reaching 5,640 meters/ 18,000 ft.

Some of the most important sites in the region are the sacred Manasarovar lake and the ruins of the ancient Guge Kingdom with Tholing and Tsaparang monasteries.

Altitude of city/town
City/Town Elevation  City/Town Elevation 
Lhasa 3,650 m damshung 4,200 m
12,000 ft 13,780 ft
gyantse 4,000 m Burang  3,700 m
13,123 ft 12,139 ft
Shigatse 3,800 m Nyingchi 3,100 m
12,467 ft 10,171 ft
Tsetang 3,580 m Chamdo  3,200 m
11,745 ft 10,500 ft
Dingri 4,300 m Pome  2,750 m
14,108 ft 9,022 ft
Zhangmu 2,800 m Amdo  4,800 m
9,186 ft 15,748 ft
Nagqu 4,500 m    
14,764 ft  
Altitude of attraction
Attraction Elevation Attraction Elevation
Lake Yamdrok 4,500 m Samye Monastery 3,556 m
14,764 ft 11,667 ft
Tashilunpo Monastery 4,800 m Yumbulagang Palace 3,700 m
15,748 ft 12,139 ft
Rongbuk Monastery 5,100 m Lake Namtso 4,700 m
16,732 ft 15,420 ft
Mt. Everest Base Camp 5,200 m Lake Manasarovar 4,588 m
17,060 ft 15,052 ft
Sakya Monastery 4,300 m Basum Tso 3,700 m
14,108 ft 12,139 ft