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Where to buy the souvenirs in Tibet

Barkhor Street has a big fame of shopping in Lhasa, where you could easily to find popular things as I mentioned. But you need carefully to examine them for quality.

Small shops on the street behind Jokhang Temple are other options.

Other useful Tips about shopping:
1. We seriously suggest you that please do not buy any adornments made of wild animals, especially furs, skulls, horns of tigers, leopards, Tibetan antelopes and wild yaks. No deals no killings. And we do believe you share the same viewpoint with us.

2. Tibetan knife is not allowed on a plane or as consigned goods, but it can be sent to your destination via the post office. The general post office in Lhasa stands at Beijing Middle Road. Some small post offices are also ok, but not as efficient as the former.

3. If you want to buy Tibetan medicines, please go to regular hospitals like Tibetan traditional hospital (just opposite to Jokhang Temple Square) or the medicine company (on the west outskirts of Lhasa).And no bargains are allowed there.