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How to adapt to altitude sickness as soon as possible

(1) to have a good psychological quality, do not think too much on the altitude sickness, if the spirit of a high degree of tension, but will increase the brain tissue oxygen consumption.

(2) into the possession of a few days ago, to rest good, must not be sick into possession. After eating in Tibet to eat high-calorie, digestible food, pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat too much.

(3) just into the possession of the first two days should not be too frequent activities, the body load should not be too heavy. Tibet, day and night temperature difference, even if the summer into Tibet should also bring some sweaters and other warm clothes.

(4) into the possession of the first few days is best not to take a bath, so as not to cause a cold.

(5) in Tibet under the strong sunlight, to wear anti-ultraviolet radiation sunglasses and sun hat, and smear sunscreen cosmetics, male soil should also apply sunscreen.

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