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Can the Elderly Travel to Tibet?

Traveling to Tibet shall be fantastic as well as challenging due to its high altitude. Then can the old travel to Tibet? The answer is “yes”. But, before your travel, make sure you know the following things.


Preparation for Tibet Travel

(1) Have a Medical Check-up and Follow Doctor’s Advice

The elderly with the following health problems are not advised to travel to Tibet. such as uncontrolled glycuresis, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart diseases, blood diseases, cranial vascular diseases, chronic respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular or hepatic diseases.

(2) Keep Fit and Never Catch Cold

Keep doing regular exercise like jogging, swimming and cycling, etc. Particularly, not catch cold before the departure to Tibet.

(3) Prepare Certain Drugs in Case of Emergencies

As the altitude of Tibet is pretty high (an average of more than 3000m), it has a very low oxygen content and dramatic temperature change between day and night. So you’d better take certain drugs with you. The following are necessities for Tibet travelers both old and young:

Altitude illness: Rhodiola Rosea;

Energy supplement: glucose;

Cold: white and black, etc.

Strengthen immunity: Vitamin C;

Heat-clearing: chrysanthemum tea, American Ginseng powder;

External use: gauze, bandage, woundplast, iodine, Yunnan Baiyao, painkillers etc.

Diarrhoea: antidiarrheal

(Tips: All the medicine shall be bought and taken at the consultancy of doctor.)

Travelling in Tibet

(1) Acclimatize to High Altitude in Lhasa (3690m)

a. All the new comers to Lhasa may feel the subtle change and discomfort (such as headache, fatigue, nausea or shortness of breath, rapid breathing, etc.)in one way or another. All you need to do is calm down and have a good rest. Normally, such feeling will go away in 2 days.

Tips: Try not to use oxygen mask if you can handle it by yourself. Though the oxygen mask is useful and can make you comfortable, you may find yourself addicted to it. Travel Tibet China’s guide will follow clients’ health throughout the tour, making sure your safe and pleasant travel.

b. But if you are really serious, you should go to the hospital.

Well, in fact, there are few people having altitude illness in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet, for its altitude is comparatively low, and is a good place for you to have a good rest and adapt yourself to the plateau for your later travel.

(2) Slow Down Your Movement and Drink More Water on Plateau

When you move on the plateau, you should slow down your pace and rest properly, or you may feel quite tired. At the same time, you should also drink more water as the climate on the plateau is rather dry.

(3) Be Careful with Dramatic Temperature Change

In Tibet, the temperature changes a lot between day and night, so, you should pay attention to it and make yourself warm by adding clothes properly.

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