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Are There Hotels in Old Tingri

Gangkar Town is also known as “Old Tingri” due to the fact that it used to be the seat of Tingri County and it is the gateway to Everest Region in Tibet.Usually it’s a must pass place of an Everest Base Camp tourwhich leads to Nepal next. Then, are there hotels in Old Tingri if you want to stay there?

Yes, of course, there are hotels in Old Tingri, but not much. At the same time, the hotel accommodation is also of very poor condition. The best hotel in Old Tingri (well, the best here is only limited in this place in Old Tingri) is the Snow Leopard Hotel. There are also some other hostels and guesthouses in the town, but they are rather bad accommodated comparing with the Snow Leopard Hotel. The hotel is very decorative inside, as are most hotels in Tibet. Rooms are simply furnished as expected with TVs and some other necessities, but the room and bed are not quite clean. The western style toilet is accommodated in the rooms, but not so clean either. The hotel restaurant is good with some cute English translations on the menu such as “Beef with meat”, Twice cooked pork” etc and the food taste warm and good. While the location of the hotel is erally good, for you are even able to stand outside your bedroom door and see Mount Everest.

However, the hotel is not your only option if you are headed towards Nepal or Everest Base Camp. You may drive to Zangmu (click to know the best hotel in Zhangmu) or Rongbuk Monastery near EBC (click to know the best hotel at EBC) to spend the night as they are both not very far from Old Tingri.