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When to Apply for a Visa

Three months before your expected day of travel is sensible to allow time to audit your passport. Pay attention to your "ENTER BEFORE" date.

Usually, you will have 30 days for your stay in China. The number of days will be printed after "DURATION OF EACH STAY"

Where to Apply for a Visa

Foreigner travelers can apply for a visa in person in the visa office of the Chinese embassy or consulate in their own countries. A travel agent or a visa agent can also help you to deal with the visa in the embassy or consulate office.

How Much Does a China Visa Cost?

American Passports in the US:

Multiple entry - 5 days processing US$140

Multiple entry - 8 days processing US$140

UK Passports in the UK:

Single entry £96

Double entry £111

Multiple entry - 6 months £171

Multiple entry - 12 months £261