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Tibet Travel Tips to Visit Yamdrok Lake

Located along the most popular Tibet tour route from Lhasa to Kathmanduor Everest Base Camp, Yamdrok Lake is frequently visited by pilgrims and travelers from different counties. Here are some Tibet travel tips to visit Yamdrok Lake


Beautiful holy lake Yamdrok in autumn

As one of the three most sacred lakes in Tibet, Yamdrok means “green jade lake” in Tibetan. There are numerous lake crossings of the Yamdrok Lake, like the corals. It is the largest inland lake of northern Himalayas. The scenery of Yamdrok Lake can be the best in southern Tibet, including snow-capped mountains, glacier, island, grassland, farm and hot spring and other landscapes. The lakeshore of the Yamdrok Lake is a good pasture with herds of cattle, wild animals and plants.

Though the Yamdrok Lake is reachable all year around, the best time to visit Tibet is in autumn and winter when it rarely rains. Besides, various migrant birds will migrate to the Yamdrok Lake to spend winter there, which makes the holy lake more charming.

The Yamdrok Lake is located approximately 120 km (75 mi) southwest of Lhasa. It is easy to drive from Lhasa to the Yamdrok Lake. If you are making a Tibet tour from Lhasa to EBC or Kathmandu, it is not necessary to drive to the lakeshore. You can get a full view of Yamdrok Lake at Khampa-la Pass. In this case, you do not need to pay the entrance ticket to the lake which is CNY40.

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