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What to buy in Tibet-Tibetan jewelry

Jewelry, like necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets, is always a good gift for female, no matter how old she is. She may be not so fond of the common ones, but apparently distinctive jewelry, like Tibetan jewelry. As we all know, Tibetan artists who have great originality in design always surprise us for presenting exquisite ornaments. Besides the exotic design, the materials for Tibetan jewelry are very natural, such as:

Tibetan silver ----not pure sliver, 30% silver plus 70% brass, but now it is replaced by alloy of white brass and tin; So Tibetans are not intentionally lying when they are selling you "silver" things.

Yak bones----yak has been esteemed for hundreds of years as a holy animal in Tibetans hearts. Therefore, Tibetan people use the bones to make unique adornments, which they believe will bring wild charm for the lucky wearer.

Dzi beads (heaven's bead or heaven's pearl) ---- Dzi means brightness, clearness, shine and splendor in Tibet language. Dzi bead is made of an agate of Himalayas. On the one hand, it represents happiness and wealth; on the other hand, it is considered to be a protective amulet which can provide positive spiritual benefit to the wearer. According to the number of “eyes” on the bead, it can be divided into several ranks but obey one certain rule: a bead with more eyes is much more precious. Furthermore, eyes also have meanings: one eye stands for wisdom; two eyes will protect marriage safe; three eyes will bring treasure.

Turquoises----Turquoise is a representative of love, success and fortune.