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Tibet Stories

People are crazy for things that are rare, collectors are infatuated for limited editions, photographers are struggling for a new angle, and tourists are dreaming about some place unique, such as Tibet. Setting foot on the oldest glacier and the highest mountain by themselves, eating and drinking as the ancestors did hundred years ago and getting in touch with the mysterious na-tion who devoting all their life, money praying for an unknown life in hereaf-ter, definitely could satisfy people’s curiosity towards unknown creatures in the same planet and create some special moments for their life. I would like to share some scenes made up the unique Tibet for me.

The lonely Tibetan Antelope

A British explorer used to describe Kekexili in his diary as follows “ .Hundreds of thousands of female Tibetan antelope, together with their little lambs, spread all over the land, from here to the unlimited horizon, where more sheep flood in like tides. There are at least 15,000 t0 20,000 of them…”

Well, that was written in 1903, we, living a century behind, probably are not so lucky to see this. Every year there are 20,000 of the Tibetan antelopes killed by poachers anxious for the enormous profit. The Tibetan antelopes are facing the danger of dying out and therefore could hardly be seen nowadays, however, if you are persisted and lucky enough, during the long journey in the train to Lhasa, you could still spot one or two of them standing there with a lonely and silent silhouette far in the horizon.