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Altitude sickness prevention Guide

Professional tips on how to avoid altitude sickness in Tibet, what to do when you suffer from altitude sickness, where to find a hospital in Tibet, does taking train to Tibet reduce the impact of altitude sickness? All answers are here.

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It is significant to keep healthy in Tibet when travelers are traveling in Tibet. As we all know, high altitude sickness is the biggest risk for travelers to Tibet. Any carelessness may lead to grave consequences, even death on the Tibetan plateau. Thus, tourists are advisable to know more about what altitude sickness is and how to avoid it. Here, you will found some tips from experienced doctors in Tibet.

In addition to altitude sickness, strong radiation and dry air are also big risk to travelers’ health. Travelers should prepare enough drinking water, fruit and vegetable to replenish the water that their body loses and skin care products to prevent being burnt by strong sunshine. You will find what you should prepare from the page of how to protect your skin in Tibet.

A first-aid kit containing drug in common use is also necessary as it is difficult to find a hospital or clinic when travelers are traveling in remote areas of Tibet. You can find tips on what medicine you should pack for your tour to Tibet here.

Altitude sickness is to reach a certain altitude, the body to adapt to the altitude caused by the pressure difference, about 3700 meters above sea level, there will be altitude sickness...

What Is Altitude Sickness Altitude sickness is considered as the biggest health risk for travelling to Tibet. An altitude over 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) is usually defined as high a...

“Oh, I really want to travel to Tibet with all my family. But, I do worry about the high altitude illness”. One of my friends said so. In fact, many people who want to tour ...

Prevention of drugs are Rhodiola, American ginseng tablets, glucose granules, etc .; treatment of high anti-drugs are plateau security, dinicon capsule, easy to easily, muscle tablets a...

Acclimatization is the process of the body adjusting to the decreased availability of oxygen at high altitudes. It is a slow process, taking place over a period of days to weeks. Hi...

(1) to have a good psychological quality, do not think too much on the altitude sickness, if the spirit of a high degree of tension, but will increase the brain tissue oxygen consumptio...

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