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Shopping Experience in Tibet

There are so many special goods in the Tibet, after your Chengdu to Tibet travel, you are willing to get some souvenirs, well, and the followings are the experiences what you could use for reference.

1. You can go the big supermarket in the local, where you can buy some local specialties, such as the Tibetan tea, the yak dried meat, the chang, the highland barley products, etc., it is suitable to send people as a gift.

2. For buying Tibet medicine, it is assured that you can go to the Tibet hospital of the Jokhang square, but its price seems a little expensive. The famous Tibet medicine is the seventy pearl pill.

3. Barkhor streetis also the good place for shopping. The Barkhor street is around the Jokhang temple, generally, go shopping in the clockwise around. And the goods in the Barkhor street are so full of beautiful things in eyes; the breed is various; you have to polish eyes when you are shopping. Generally speaking, the goods in the street stalls is a little bad, also the price is cheap; the goods in the shop must be better quality, but the price also is more expensive. As far as I am concerned, the more worthy choice is to buy some more distinctive goods, for instance, the Tibetan hang drop, the earrings, the rings, the bracelets and so on. The price is cheaper, from 5 yuan to dozens of yuan. Jade, silver, and the thangka which you don't know what's what quality, you would better care to buy. The boss of the store which along the street is most like to recommend the turquoise and beads, and red coral, densely preserved necklace, bracelet. The turquoise general is sold in grams, the cheap for three to five yuan a gram, the good is offered for fifteen to eighteen yuan a gram. It is said according to the local people, the boss who dare to offer 18 yuan a gram, probably is true. There are a few restaurants in the Barkhor street, the more well-known is Makye Ame. A lot of people go there because they admire its fame. They come and sit in the balcony on the third floor for eat and tea, the top of head is blue sky and white clouds, below is bustling crowd, it is very comfortable. The another place for eat where is in the next door of Tibet hospital, it is named Jigang restaurant. Also having a balcony on the second floor, you can overlook the Barkhor street and the Jokhang temple, it is a pretty nice place. Well, this is also recommended by the netizens, but it is regret to have no chance to have a sit, the inside situation is unknown.

The last but not the least, have a good time in the Tibet and Barkhor street.