12 Days Frontier Discovery Xinjiang Tour

During the 12 days Frontier Discovery Xinjiang Tour, you will visit the Hemu Village, and enjoy the beauty of the spectacular Kanas Lake and Sayram Lake.

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12 Days Frontier Discovery Xinjiang Tour

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12 Day

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Itinerary Highlights

    Enjoy the natural scenery of Tianchi Lake

    Hemu village viewing platform: View the Friendship Peak and scenic sunset

    Be amazed by the beauty of the spectacular Kanas Lake

    Sayram Lake

    Narat Pasture – one of the four biggest sub-mountain pastures

Day 1 Arrival in Urumqi
Hotel: Urumqi Hotel (4-star/5-star) Meals:Welcome Dinner

Xinjiang has always been regarded as the heart of the Silk Road; and as its center point it holds countless relics left by the ancient civilizations that used it. Spending 9 days traveling across this ancient region is a great opportunity to explore the exotic cultures and mysterious history of the old Silk Road. The first destination city of the tour is Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. Your local guide and driver will pick you up at the airport or railway station upon your arrival to escort you to your hotel and help you check in. You will have the rest of the day to rest and relax from your long trip to Xinjiang. We will begin your amazing Silk Road adventure first thing tomorrow morning.

Day 2 Urumqi – Tianchi - Fuyun
Hotel: Overnight at Fuyun 3/4-star hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning, drive to the beautiful Multicoloured Bay. • En route, drive past the Fiery Mountains and the Gurbantünggüt Desert located in the centre of the Dzungaria Basin. • Drive past Kalamaili Nature Reserve – China's largest nature reserve for wild ungulates such as the wild ass and Platts Mustang.

Day 3 Kashgar / Dawakang Desert / Kashgar
Hotel: Overnight at Burqin 3/4-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning, visit Keketuohai National Park, Cocoa Sullivan Lake, Yileimu Lake and the Irtysh Grand Canyon. • Drive to Burjin in the afternoon. • After dinner, enjoy a visit to the local night market.

Day 4 Burjin-Jiadengyu
Hotel: Overnight at Jiadengyu 3/4-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning, drive to Altai Mountains and visit the Hemu Village. View the snow-capped Friendship Peak and enjoy a scenic sunset view from the Hemu viewing platform. • Back to JiadengYu, check in.

Day 5 Jiadengyu
Hotel: Overnight at Jiadengyu 3/4-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast drive to Kanas Lake. • En route, visit Dragon Bay, Sacred Bay and Crescent Moon Bay. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Altai Mountains and Irtysh River. • Visit a Tuwa ethnic village. • At the lake, view the Fish Watching Pavilion on the opposite bank. • Return to hotel.

Day 6 Jiadengyu-Karamay
Hotel: Overnight at Karamay 4/5-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning, drive to Karamay. En route, visit Ghost Town.

After lunch, continue drive to Karamay. Drive past a hundred kilometers of oil derricks and nodding donkeys. Drive along the bridge to the city of Karamay (black oil city).

Day 7 Karamay-Yining
Hotel: Overnight at Yining 4-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

After breakfast, drive to Yining – the capital city of Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture.

En route, visit the Sayram Lake. Then, proceed to visit the Khorgas Pass – an important trade port between China and Kazakhstan.

Continue drive to Yinning City.

Day 8 Yining - Narat
Hotel: Overnight at Narat 3-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

River to Narat Pasture – one of the four biggest sub-mountain pastures in the world.

Day 9 Narat - Bayanbulak
Hotel: Overnight at Bayanbulak 3-star Hotel Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning, drive to the Bayanbulak. View the beautiful Tianshan Swan Lake.

Day 10 Bayanbulak - Korla
Hotel: Overnight at Korla 4/5-star Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

Drive to the oil city – Korla.

Stop at Balguntay. Visit a Mongolian temple.

Upon arrival in Korla, have dinner. Walk along the Kongqi River and enjoy the night scene of the city.

Day 11 Korla - Urumqi
Hotel: Urumqi Hotel (4-star/5-star) Meals:Breakfast , Lunch & Dinner

In the morning drive to Urumqi. Pass by a large wind power generator plant.

Afternoon visit to the International Grand Bazaar – the biggest market in the region. Enjoy shopping here.

After dinner, return to Hotel.(or take flight to transit city)

Day 12 Urumqi Departure
Hotel: None Meals:Breakfast

Today is free for you to explore Urumqi by yourself until your tour guide escort you to airport for your flight.

Price Includes :

Transportation as listed in the itinerary

Local experienced Xinjiang guide

Lodging and meals for the driver and guide

Travel agency service charges and taxes

Accommodations as listed in the itinerary

Urumqi airport pick up and drop off

Meals as listed in the itinerary

Entrance tickets to the sightseeing places listed in the itinerary

Tips for the guide and driver

Price Excludes :

China visa, transportation into or out of Urumqi

Personal expenses such as laundry, drinks, faxes, telephone call, optional activities, etc.

Excess baggage charges

Costs not specifically listed as included above

    Cultural Taboos and Notes of Interest

    Xinjiang's major ethnic minorities are the Uighur, Kazakh and Hui ethnicities. These ethnicities are all followers of the Sunni sect of Islam. Because of historic reasons, Uighur and Kazakh began to gradually adopt Islam since the 8th century AD, so compared with the Hui ethnicity, who adopted Islam from its beginning, they are quite different.

    Taboos in Islamic Culture 

    Food and Drink

    Eating pork, dog meat, cat meat or meat from any other animal found dead is considered taboo. Livestock that has not been properly slaughtered by a Muslim cannot be eaten. Not only are these not to be eaten, but utensils that have touched these forbidden foods cannot be used. That includes, kitchenware, bowls, chopsticks, etc. So in order to avoid making contact with these foods, people usually bring their own meals with them and they seldom eat out. It is also taboo to even mention any words relating to "pig". Rice and potatoes are considered the main staple food, and eating beef, mutton, poultry, seafood and other halal foods are considered an expression of wholeheartedness to Allah. When holding important religious ceremonies or large festivals, most people, especially the elderly, are accustomed to keep left-over food.


    When it comes to dress, it is considered taboo to wear clothes too short and upper garments are typically worn past the knees. Pants reach down to their footwear and wearing shorts is strongly forbidden. Women are required to cover their heads and their hair must not show.


    Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol or anything with alcohol content. Lying, issuing high-interest loans, slandering, gambling and worshipping idols is also forbidden.

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