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Where to drink a beer or two in Lhasa? The most famous Lhasa bars and nightlife in Lhasa

Where to go for a drink and have a beer or two when you are on a tour in Lhasa, especially when you are an engrained beer addict in your daily life? Lhasa’s nightlife has changed a lot compared with what it was in past years. Many Tibetan young people like to spend their night hours in bars, pubs or taverns now. Bars and pubs in Lhasa are attractive for their exotic ambience and fragrant local flavors.

Our veteran local guides would like to suggest some well- noted bars or theme pubs to tourists who want to seek a nightlife tour in Lhasa. They are wonderful places for foreign tourists on a Lhasa tour to experience the local youngster culture. Low House Music Bar

One of the most famous music bars in Lhasa. The Nepal-themed bar has just under redecoration after many years of business on the busiest Barkhor Street. A quiet and warm little world enveloped by light music where you could spend your hours with your friends chatting and playing cards or doing whatever small things you would like. The little ornaments and decorations in the bar would set free your imaginations and mind. It is a good place to reminisce your past memories and years. The bar was said to be the house of the 11th Dalailama, Peng Xeikon family. The drinks in the bar, for the local made Barley Beer here cost RMB35 a bottle and RMB 40 for an average white beer. The honey Pomelo tea cost RMB 50 with free renewal.

Mayke Ame Mayke Ame, it is an eye-catching yellow tavern renowned for its beauty and its petty bourgeois romance. A landmark of Lhasa nightlife, this restaurant gains its fame partly because of the legend accompanied it. According to legend, Mayke Ame is the heroine of the poem written by Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dalai Lama of Tibet. The little tavern was once the place of date between the two. Many foreign tourists or locals would choose to sit beside the windows and have a drink of beer or whatever wines offered there after nightfall. The price of food and liquors or drinks here are not expensive with consumption averaging RMB100-200.

Other recommendations on some theme bars in Lhasa

Travelers Bar

Address: East Beijing Road

Features: Backpackers' favorite

Music Kitchen

Address: No.77, West Beijing Road

Features: Western drinks and food, elegant atmosphere

Barkhor Cafe

Address: South side of Jokhang Temple

Features: Quiet, good place for enjoying the street view

Lhasa Small Coffee

Address: 10 Beijing Road East, Lhasa, Tibet, China

Features: You can enjoy all kinds good coffee in this bar

Lhasa Danbala Restaurant Bar

Address: 59 Beijing Road East, Lhasa, Tibet, China

Features: various little magazines on windowsills and highly Tibetan-styled interior deco

Lhasa 7 Square-meter Bar

Address: 83 Beijing Road West, Lhasa, Tibet, China

Feature: a place fit for youngster gathering for music