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Are There Any Hotels at Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake is hot tourist site around Lhasa. There are scarce hotels at Namtso Lake, but there is a tent compound available with limited electricity and running water.

Namtso Tent House is on the bank of Namtso Lake. It offers 3 or 4 beds in each room which is in Tibetan style and very clean and nute. But there is no washroom in each room, only a large WC outside of tent. The WC is clean as well. The running time of the Namtso Tent House is very short, from end April to mid October.

Tourists usually enjoy a Lhasa city and Namtso Lake tour if they stay 5 to 6 days in Lhasa. Many tourists will back to Lhasa for better accommodation. However, spending a night at the lake shore is fantastic. The night sky is so clean that you could see all the stars twinkling on the sky, so close to you as if you could stretch you hands to pick the stars. Namtso lake is actually the lake in the sky, it is about 5000m high lies on the highest plateau in the world.

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