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Tibet Nature and health

All over the world, mountain regions are known to have a pure air, clean water and no pollutants in the food. Sanatoria where the rich went to get cured from tuberculosis and other illnesses have played an important role in the development of Swiss mountain resorts in the 19th century. Thermal sources played a similar role for skin and other problems.

Nowadays, pure air and hot water alone are not enough to attract the tourists in a more and more competitive market. "Wellness" is the new key concept. It requires an integrated service offer from hiking paths over personalized fitness training and thermal pools to spiritual counseling. Switzerland and India have built up a solid reputation in this market which is based on their longstanding tradition in holistic treatment. China has got an excellent reputation for its traditional medicine; Chinese doctors are in high demand in Western countries. However, because of its fast industrialization in the past decades, it has not been able to profile itself as a tourism destination in this field.

The Tibetan areas could easily combine the Swiss kind of wellness based on mountains and nature with the Indian tradition based on a spiritual approach to health and healing. The Tibetan traditional medicine has always been based in the monasteries. The monks can therefore naturally offer a combination of physical treatment and spiritual guidance. Tibet has always provided lowland China with high quality medical herbs. However, as far as I know, there has never been any attempt to offer an integrated facility with high standard living quarters, medical treatment, thermal bath, fitness, outdoor activities, high quality food and spiritual guidance. The various actors involved in these services are not used to cooperating. Achieving this integration will certainly be a major challenge.

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