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Lhasa Vegetarian Restaurants

Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant

This is the first vegetarian restaurant in Lhasa which opened in 2005. With an elegant environment, the pure atmosphere in this restaurant is hard to find. It’s a warm place for pure friendship and romance. The food price is affordable and the amount of food served is so sufficient that it’s suggested that you don’t order too much.

Chinese name: 圣地素餐厅 Shengdi Sucanting

Recommended dishes: stir-fried "shrimp" meat (素烧虾仁), vegetarian "bouilli" (毛氏红烧肉),twice-cooked vegetarian slices (回锅素片), and shredded vegetarian food with a fish taste (鱼香素丝)

Address: 20-22 the Commodity Apartment, the Foreign Affairs Office, Linkuobeilu Area, Chengguan District 城关区林廓北路区外事办商品房20-22号

Tel: 0891-6363851

Special services: Afternoon tea is provided and food taken late at night is offered.

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