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The sixteen taboos of travelling to Tibet

When you travel to Tibet, you should pay attention to the taboos in Tibet. The followings are sixteen taboos of travelling to Tibet.

1、Your hand can't take on each other's shoulders, when The friends who reunite after a long separation greet each other or chat.

2、You can not stride or tread on the people's clothes, also can not put your clothing on other people's clothes, and what is more, you can not stride from the people’s body.

3、Women's clothes, especially trousers and knickers can't air dry in the place where everyone go by.

4、Can not whistle or crying loudly in the house.

5、Can't sweep the floor or take out the garbage when the family members go out of town, the guest just went out, the noon and after the sun down or the Tibetan New Year t he first day.

6、The stranger can not refer to a deceased person in front of the relatives whose kinsfolk was deceased.

7、The thing what should be completed in this year can't delay to the next year, such as twisting yarn, knitting a sweater or carpet, etc.

8、At sunset, do not go to the people’s home, especially the family that will have a delivery of pregnant women and the puerperal women or the patient who have the serious illness, and more than anything else, the strangers can not go.

9、After the noon, can't take out any property of the home.

10、A stranger can not hubbub when you get to the mountains where you've never been to.

11、Can not stride or tread on the appliance, the boiler, the bowl etc that is used for eating.

12、If there are two people both in the home will go out at the same time, and go out in the opposite direction, do not go out of the house at the same time, you must go out separately at the different time.

13、Women can't comb the hair and have a shampoo, also can't go out with leaving her hair loose.

14、When you are using the broom and dustpan, can not directly transfer with the hand. But you must put on the ground at first, and then another man picked up from the ground.

15、When the relatives and the friends come to your house and visit you, there are will get some ghee tea or barley wine etc as a gift to you. When the departure, the guest get the things out, but not all of it, it must leave a bit inside or change a little things what are from yours to put in.

16、The bowl that has gaps or fissure cannot be used to eat; also can not pour a tea for the guest.