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How to Have Good Manners When Travelling in Tibet

At first, we talk about the table manners in Tibet. Tibetan people should not eat too much in one bite and should eat and drink quietly. A guest should dip some alcohol on their third finger and flip the alcohol in the air three times when toasting. This indicates toasting towards heaven, earth and their ancestors, and the guests should sip a little alcohol while the host timely replenishes the cup. This would repeat for three times and on the fourth time, the guest must drink up.

When drinking butter tea, guests should not take cups by themselves until the host holds the tea in from of them. In Tibet, eating the meat of donkeys, horses and dogs is an absolute taboo in Tibet. Some Regions also do not eat fish.

In addition, people should offer tea, alcohol, and cigarettes with both hands and their fingers should not be put into cups or bowls. People should bow and bend their knees with smiles on their faces when welcoming visitors and seeing visitors off. In regards to the etiquettes in rooms, instead of straightened legs, people should sit cross-legged and show their soles without gazing around. People should pick up a gift with both hands and give a gift by bending their bodies with hands over heads.

One most important etiquette for tourists to Tibet is that people must make a detour from left to right when passing religious facilities such as temples, piles of Mani stones, and pagodas. And people are not allowed to cross Buddhist ceremonial implements and braziers, and are also not allowed to turn prayer wheels in the wrong direction. Beside, don't touch others' calvarias.