Lhasa Tours: The city of Daylight in the Tibetan style
Enjoy the city of sunshine and the highlights of Tibetan Buddhism on Lhasa tours.

Lhasa Tours

Lhasa Tours are a holy Tibet cultural tour, you will visit Lhasa famous tourist attractions, including the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, etc.

Located on the north banks of the Lhasa River, Lhasa is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of P.R.C. and also the center for Tibetan politics, economy, culture, and religion. An altitude of 3,656 metres (11,990 ft), Lhasa is one of the highest cities in the world.

Lhasa attracts thousands of visitors all over the world with its mysterious religion and culture. All destinations in Tibet can be connected with Lhasa in a single trip easily, view the highland scenery by going to Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake, and discover your way to Mt. Everest Camp. Lhasa has some of most famous attractions in Tibet:

Admire the pearl on the roof of the world - the Potala Palace

Walk around Barkhor Street to experience life like the locals

Visit two of Tibet’s most important monasteries - the Drepung and Sera Monasteries.

Travel Tibet China will be helpful for you to arrange an impressive Lhasa tours without worrying about the permit application. Ours experienced local Tibetan English tour guides, who will provide you with the best travel itinerary, you will enjoy the sunshine and experience Tibetan Buddhism on the road.


Private Lhasa Tour Packages

Lhasa tour packages including Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Drepung and Sera Monastery. Besides, all travel attractions in Tibet can be connected with Lhasa in a single trip easily, such as Everest Base Camp, Mount Kailash, Yamdrok Lake, Namtso Lake, etc. You can visit more Tibet attractions while Lhasa tour.

Lhasa to Namtso lake 1 day tours


During the Lhasa to Namtso lake 1 day tours, you will visit one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet - Namtso Lake, and admire the magnificent of the nearby mountains.

3 Days Lhasa Tour


This 3-day tour in Lhasa city is mainly to visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, which is the shortest stay if you just make a stopover in Lhasa by rail or by air.

4 Days Lhasa Tour


This classic Lhasa city group tour is the best choice for tourists who have limited time or visit Tibet for the first time. After visiting the must-sees in Lhasa, you will have a comprehens...

5-Day Lhasa Classics and Lake Yamdrok To...

lhasa - ganden monastery - lake yamdrok

See the Lhasa's attractions and have a lakeside picnic by Tibetan holy Lake- Lake Yamdrok.

Highlights of Lhasa Tours

The holy city Lhasa is famous for its beautiful landscapes, thousand-years-old history, unique Tibetan culture, sunshine & blue sky and friendly local people. In Lhasa Tours with the most outstanding highlight is its magnificent palace and temples, such as the famous Polata Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and Norbulingka. The miraculous and beautiful Namtso Lake is about half-day driving from the city. Besides the diverse cultural and scenic sights, you will also have chance to explore authentic Tibetan culture, such as Tibet food cooking, Princess Wenchen Show, etc.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace is included in the first important national cultural relics protection list. It is the world’s largest and most intact ancient castle-style complex located on the highest altitude.

Sera Monastery

Also one of the three greatest monasteries, Sera Monastery is mostly famous for Buddhism debating which a spectacular way of discussing the Buddhist knowledge, which makes it as a must-see in Tibet. The Buddhist halls are amazing as well.

Jokhang Temple

The 1,300-year-old Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of Lhasa permeated with intense incense. The life-sized statue of the Shakyamuni at the age of 12 is worshiped in the main hall.

Drepung Monastary

Listed in the three greatest monasteries, it once was the residence for Dalai Lamas before Potala Palace and now is a famous Buddhist school. In Shoton Festival, a huge Thangka Buddha painting will be shown on in Drepung Monastery.

Useful Guide and Tips about Lhasa Tours

1. What travel documents are needed for Tibet Lhasa tour?

Just like travelling Bhutan, independent travel is not available in Tibet any longer. All travelers to Lhasa have to book tours through a registered Tibet tour operator, like us, Travel Tibet China, and apply for Tibet permits beforehand.

As for visiting Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, all you need is Tibet Travel Permit, the entry permit to Tibet Autonomous Region. Since Tibet Tourism Bureau(TTB) won’t accept any individual application, you can email us the photo image of your Passport information page and Chinese Visa page and the photo of yourself at least 20 days before your Tibet tour starts. And then we’ll take care of the rest matters. Once Tibet Visa issued, we’ll have it delivered to your hotel by express in Mainland China.

2. When is the best time to visit Lhasa?

Travelling Lhasa can be done at any time of the year. The best time to visit Lhasa totally depends on what you want to experience and when you are free to travel.

Lhasa Spring (March-May): During Lhasa clearest season, it’s perfect to roam around backstreets of Lhasa old town, follow the ritual Barkhor kora with devout pilgrims, soak up the cozy hot spring at Yangbajain, etc. If time allows, you can also extent your trip to Nyingchi and participate the rosy Peach Blossom Festival.

Lhasa Summer (June-August): Wanna escape from the scorching summer? Yeah, Lhasa, at the altitude of 3,650 meters, offers you cool days with the average temperature around 20℃. With the ice melting, you can take Namtso Lake trekking or Tashi Byland Kora and get your camera ready for the spectacular sunrise and sunset over Namtso.

Lhasa Autumn (September-November): Under the dry and stable weather, it’s time to take the thrilling high-altitude treks, like the scenic trekking from Ganden to Samye Monastery, the hermitage sites trekking from Pabonka to Pubjoi Monastery, etc. If trekking is not your thing, you can also take part in Bathing Festival at Lhasa River and Ongkor Festival in the suburbs of Lhasa.

Lhasa Winter (December-February): Winter in Lhasa is not that cold as you think. Usually, the temperature still remains about 10℃in the daytime. With less tourists coming to Tibet in the low season, it becomes much easier to book Tibet train ticket. And you can also enjoy great discounts on all the tour costs, like hotel, flight tickets, entrance ticket fee. Under the warm sunshine and snow mountains, you’ll encounter more pious pilgrims prostrating along Barkhor Street and experience authentic culture and exotic customs through Tibet New Year/Lhosar Festival.

Friendly Tips:

1. It’s common sense that Tibet will close to all foreign travelers from February to March every year.

2. Whenever you visit Lhasa, please do remember to wear sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the intense ultraviolet light. And it’s advisable to dress in layers so that you can put on and take off clothes easily.

3. How to get to Lhasa, capital city of Tibet?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to get to Tibet,namely, entering Tibet from Kathmandu, Tibet and traveling Tibet from Mainland China.

Get to Lhasa from Kathmandu: Usually, it takes you around one and a half hour to fly from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport (KTM) to Lhasa Gongga Airport(LXA). And you can also travel overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa via Gyirong Port and make a detour to Everest Base Camp en route, lasting around 8 days.

Get to Lhasa from Mainland China: Starting from Tibet-entry cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc., tourists can either take Tibet train or flight to Lhasa. Longing for an overland tour to Lhasa? No worries! Please feel free to contact our Tibet travel guru to work your adventure tour wherever you depart from Chengdu, Xining, Yunnan, Xinjiang.

4. What to see in Lhasa tour?

Touring Lhasa, you can take the splendid man-made wonders and fantastic natural landscape in just one go. If you are a history lover, then you should not miss out Potala Palace, the landmark of Tibet; Norbulingka, the summer palace of Dalai Lama; and Tibet Museum, the encyclopedia of Tibetan culture. Interested in Tibetan Buddhism? Get ready to visit Jokhang Temple, the spiritual center and the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan pilgrims; Drepung Monastery, the largest monastery in Tibet; Sera Monastery, the vigorous monk debating in the afternoon. Wanna take great shoots of Tibet lakes? Here come the holiest Yamdrok and Namtso Lake.

5. What and where to eat in Lhasa travel?

Traditional Tibetan foods and drinks mainly consist of Tsampa, yak meat, mutton, butter tea, barley wine and various dairy products. Apart from these staple food, Lhasa have more to offer. Wandering along Barkhor Street, you’ll find loads of restaurants providing kinds of Nepalese cuisines, Indian dishes, western meals at a very reasonable price.

6. What kind of hotels are available in Lhasa?

As the capital of Tibet, Lhasa has a wide variety of accommodations for you to choose from, ranging from the high-end hotels to the simplest guesthouses. Just a kind reminder here, due to the remote location and economic development, the hotel facility and service are not as good as that of big cities of China. To put it simply, a five-star hotel in Lhasa may be only as high as a three-star hotel in Beijing, and you’d better not hold high expectation for hotels in Lhasa.

Top luxury 5-star hotels: Luxury St. Regis Lhasa Resort, Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel

Comfortable 4-start hotels: Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel, Lhasa Yak Hotel

Economic 3-star hotels: Tibet Villa Hotel, Lhasa Shangbala Hotel

Tibetan-style hotels: Lhasa Dhood Gu Hotel, House of Shambhala

Cheap guesthouses: Dong Cuo International Youth Hostel, Phuntsok Kasang International Youth Hostel

Lhasa Tours Guide

Best Time to Visit Lhasa

The best time to Lhasa is from April to October is regarded as the best seasons for traveling Lhasa. In particular, the best months are May, June, September or October as July and August are rainy months.

How to Plan a Lhasa Tour

In order to ensure you a safe and comfortable Lhasa tour, there are some advices on what to pack. Take two bags with your – a large backpack for daily activities and a smaller carry bag for your important documents and property.

What to Do in Lhasa and Festival

What to Do in Lhasa, except for the amazing natural landscape to enjoy and strong religious atmosphere to suck, there are many featured activities in Lhasa as well.

How to Get around Lhasa

How to Get around Lhasa: In Lhasa City, famous destinations Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Sera Monastery and Norbulingka are concentrated in downtown...

Lhasa's altitude and altitude

The average altitude of Lhasa is 3,650 meters, and the terrain in the city is flat, without much elevation fluctuations. Most of the attractions in the city are 3,650 meters above sea level, and it is recommended that tourists acclimatize to the altitude in Lhasa before setting off for higher altitudes.

Lhasa Travel Weather and Dressing Guide

The weather in Lhasa is warm in winter and cool in summer, with long sunshine hours throughout the year, strong sunshine, and large temperature differences between day and night.

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