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Buying souvenir is a must while traveling. What and where to buy souvenirs in Tibet? Here are some tips you should remember before going shopping in Tibet.

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Buying souvenir is a must while traveling. What and where to buy souvenirs in Tibet? Here are some tips you should remember before going shopping in Tibet.

Tibet travel tips from local Tibetan guides tell you what to buy in Tibet, where to buy souvenirs in Tibet, what souvenirs are popular in Tibet, how to bargain in Tibet, how to discern the false from the genuine, famous markets in Lhasa, what to shop for in Barkhor Bazaar in Lhasa and so forth.

What to buy in Tibet-Religious souvenirs
Maybe, you are not familiar with mysterious Tibetan Buddhism but must know about numerous religious souvenirs like Thangka, musk which are hanging in the temples. Thangka is a Tibetan painting with scrolls, mainly taking B...

What to buy in Tibet-Tibetan jewelry
Jewelry, like necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches and bracelets, is always a good gift for female, no matter how old she is. She may be not so fond of the common ones, but apparently distinctive jewelry, like Tibetan jewelry....

Tibet shopping Tips
You'd better buy whatever practical items you need in Lhasa if you plan to travel to remote areas of Tibet. There are many department stores in Lhasa, mostly on Yuthok Lu that supply everyday needs. For example, Lhasa Depa...

Where to buy the souvenirs in Tibet
Barkhor Street has a big fame of shopping in Lhasa, where you could easily to find popular things as I mentioned. But you need carefully to examine them for quality. Small shops on the street behind Jokhang Temple are othe...

What to buy in Tibet Traditional handicrafts
Tibetan rug has a big fame across the whole world due to the unique weaving method, bright color and auspicious pattern. Tibetan people use them for flooring, wall hanging and sitting. Highland sheep’s wool, which has lo...

Shopping Experience in Tibet
There are so many special goods in the Tibet, after your Chengdu to Tibet travel, you are willing to get some souvenirs, well, and the followings are the experiences what you could use for reference. 1. You can go the big ...

Tibetan hat: Tibetan headdress
After walking around China, the most impressive thing was Tibet, saying that everyone in Tibet would definitely go twice, once to leave their hearts and once to find their hearts back. The Tibetans are also my favorite ethnic ...

Tibet knife: Tibetan waist knife
Tibetan knife, also known as the Tibetan waist knife, is not only an indispensable tool in the production and life of the Tibetan people, but also because of its shape, craftsmanship, etc. have unique national characteristics,...

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