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The following tips for photography are useful when taking photos in Tibet. Travelers are not allowed to take pictures at some tourist sites in Tibet, especially in the monasteries of Tibet. Remember...

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The following these tips for photography are usful when taking photos in Tibet. Travelers are not allowed to take pictures at some tourist sites in Tibet, especially in monasteries of Tibet. Remember! Do not take pictures before getting permission. We also give lists of amazing places to photograph. If you are a photographer to Tibet, do not miss the fantastic places to photograph in Tibet. Of course, you will know the best time to photograph in Tibet, photographic guide to top three holy lakes, top ten places for stargazers in Tibet, and photographic guide to guge kingdom in Ngari from our travel advice.

You will wait for me at the northeast corner of the Barkhor sunrays
You see, or see me I was there Not sad not happy You read, or do not read me Love is there Do not come You love, or do not love me Love is there Do not increase without diminishing You are with or not wi...

Tibet Stories
People are crazy for things that are rare, collectors are infatuated for limited editions, photographers are struggling for a new angle, and tourists are dreaming about some place unique, such as Tibet. Setting foot on the old...

If you have been to Tibet
"When you write PPT, Alaska's cod is leaping out of the water When you look at the report, the Murray Snow Mountain's golden monkey just climbed the tip of the tree When you squeeze into the subway, the Tibeta...

Travel to Tibet
Shangri-La, the snowy plateau, the roof of the world, for several centuries, deep in the Himalayas and the cross mountains after the mysterious land - the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With the development of economy at home and abro...

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Tibet dream footprint,Snowy paradise,Sacred to the extreme

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