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You will wait for me at the northeast corner of the Barkhor sunrays

You see, or see me
I was there
Not sad not happy
You read, or do not read me
Love is there
Do not come
You love, or do not love me
Love is there
Do not increase without diminishing
You are with or not with me
My hand is in your hands
Do not give up
Come to my arms
Let me live in your heart
Silently fell in love
Silence and joy

July 31, 2010
Sitting on the train to Lhasa
What kind of place, can make you like lovers for many years in general, want to countless, hope for a long time, looking through the autumn, but when you are about to meet the time but slow down the pace, so you can not bear to go straight up, even though you Want to be eager to send hugs, the whole body into, but still choose to over the mountains, so that a romantic process and delay, fear that immediately put it into the mind will melt instantly, too late to experience, too late to recall, yes, the world There is such a place, it has been in my heart is a holy place, reach out of reach of the place where the air is thin, where I can not breathe properly, even as early as the bottom of my heart has been completely suffocated, there is the nearest places I want to slowly close to the day along the road step by step it, feel it, can come in Cauchy across Tuotuohe, and then crossing the Tang La ancient mountains, slowly so slowly and gradually get close to it , Gently adjust their own breathing, all the way to the train to Tibet, to Lhasa, to Namco wrong, to the sheep lake, to Nyingchi, with my hands to touch that distant and deep blue sky, touch that pure white flying soft clouds, so that my heart Do a baptism pure and clean, everything emptying.
This time a trip to Tibet is very suddenly, before the husband has been planning to ride with friends and go up, Zhu brother and just son on the 23rd departure, all the way through Yinchuan, to Xining, yesterday has arrived in Golmud, large Super-busy work can not get out, and I always stubborn to a person to Tibet, but this time a compromise, Tibet for my temptation is like a poison, I have poisoned too deep, perhaps put down their stubborn and wayward, Others will travel with another fun, you will be in the northeast corner of Barkhor Street waiting for me in the sun? I will wait for you.


August 1, 2010
sky Road
Maybe I can only use such a problem to describe the whole day all the way all the good. Wake up at seven o'clock in the morning, sleep well, did not happen I imagine the altitude sickness, such as midnight nosebleeds, breathing difficulties, headache and the like, perhaps the previous night and yesterday are too tired, lack of a plus Day rush, the train bumps and did not feel obvious, forget to do what dreams, perhaps dream of the Qinghai Lake and Bird Island, at night when I fell asleep, they quietly through. Across the river, across the mountains, passing the grasslands, swamps, meet the Kunlun Mountains, after the snow-capped mountains, no one else any sleep meaning, afraid to miss the eyes of these beautiful language can not describe, Everest, the train turned a big bend up the mountain, arrived in Kun, we five people gathered together in the window, patting the window excitedly shouting, we and Zhu brother and just met, in the go to Lhasa On the road, they starting from the 23rd to now has been riding ten days, all the way along the Qinghai-Tibet line to Lhasa forward, the train on that moment, Zhu brother and just standing on the child's hands and we waved hello, Only in that moment I was careful to experience the loss of the big super, rather than in my own feelings to his feelings, so a trip to Tibet for each person who has experienced a lifetime of memory, is a The real man to do things, if there is a chance I must fully support her husband to complete his dream, even if only two of us, her husband riding a child, I drove followed, really hope her husband also have a dream that day.
Afternoon and then wake up when the mouth is dry, the body no discomfort, but a little nosebleeds, I hope my strong body can resist the altitude of three or four kilometers altitude plateau reaction, I would like to have a perfect trip to Tibet. Now has nine o'clock at night, there is an hour to Lhasa, but the sky has not completely black to the late arrival of the slow, outside the rain, the train also feel a bit cool, the baggage ready to set foot on Lhasa, Set foot on the pure land of Tibet, the heart is very calm, this moment is very calm, I do not know what will be Lhasa, but in any case is not afraid to shout excited to run, Oh, holy land, I finally came.

August 2, 2010
Miss before you see goodbye

Last night at ten o'clock, the train slowly into the Lhasa train station, the heart almost out of my body, the kind of excitement without language table, would like to shout. Lhasa, the air is very thorough, next to the train has been put on Small cotton-padded jacket, the car did not know because the excitement or the weather is really cold, talking straight shake, at the foot like a soft step in the clouds, eyes a little bit of moisture, and finally could not help shouting 'Lhasa, I came!' Sound in the air of Lhasa is also excited trembling.

Tashi is a warm and handsome guy, almost responsible for our daily life in Lhasa, and drivers and photographers, because of the Shoton Festival in Tibet, the United States and the United States, July and August is the tourist season in Tibet, the inn is almost full, East and no bed, Tashi drove us in the street wandering, first saw the Potala Palace, and no matter how much the wind outside, Shake down the window, spread out his voice shouting, and then ... ... lack of oxygen .Ta evening take us to Xianmu Island, a family inn temporary accommodation, the small passenger's nest, only into the room tired once no, one Ancient and animal husbandry dog ​​blowing, it is happy, there is a happy little deer dog called, feeling the husband and wife shop, we sleep the room is a shop through the night to go to sleep, but how can not sleep, feel whole body Cold, a kind of feeling to have a fever, I was thinking that if the will of the people will be strong enough to no problem, but when the morning to get up or a little cold, to read a lot of information before, saying that fever in Tibet is very dangerous Things, other not afraid, I will Was sent back to Beijing, eat anti-inflammatory drugs and cold medicines, effervescent tablets dissolve a cup, feeling a little better, we must not get sick perfectly healthy, my trip to Lhasa yet how could start over?! Absolute Can not!

Near noon packed up and went again Dongcuo find room, there are scattered bed, I slept that night in a ground floor 45, very poor environment, but not to Lhasa is so kind of mood it? Romans noon and tie West there are several sisters to a Sichuan restaurant to eat, along the way to buy a 25 yuan sunglasses, my Dior on the train when the shop lost, think of it heartache, mad heart !!!

Lhasa sun rises soon, the morning or sky clouds, blink of an eye is sunny, how far brilliant, dazzling, glorious, do not know what words to describe, Lhasa, the temperature is only twenty-six seven degrees, but the day the place is also close from the sun, strong ultraviolet rays, light is very toxic, under the scorching sun we went to the Barkhor, then went to the Potala Palace, the sun is drying in addition there is no other feeling, but back to the inn to die, had a headache, lying in the room for a moment more and more dizzy, sit up in Dongcuo yard, some breeze, the sun gradually hiding behind heavy clouds, evening Tashi took us to eat Turkish food, very tone of Place, sitting on the kang to eat, eat up on the head, head more and more pain, want to go back to the inn to sleep, but we also said to see the night of the Potala Palace, to death feeling, laugh are laughing out, Back to the inn at night just lie down, but also a sleepless night, tossing and turning, Pro Shop snore men play around, have a kind of feeling you want to have a fever, cold inside the body, outside the body heat, head Severe pain, I finally know why we are so sacred to Lhasa, And deterred, not only cultivate a spiritual journey, it is a spiritual tour, as well as all aspects of the physical test, but it is not a place to leave had already started to make me miss, it hurts.

Night to her husband phone, just then I cried, I said I was homesick, like him, her husband worried to death, may be because of severe headache, so I became fragile, and companions travel differences Is not suitable for travel with others, my husband said let me put away their own small personality, I began to cry, her husband finally compromise so that any attention to security like, 'If you have any accidents, how can I do ah, I must Will be good, good to adjust the body, through the altitude sickness, happy travel, safe home.

August 3, 2010

Met Maggie Ami

The original plan to get up at 5:30 in the morning, six o'clock to the Jokhang Temple, and worship the Tibetan people into the Jokhang Temple inside the Buddha, but still wake up the head of the pain, a little improvement did not, had to keep the American ginseng piece to sleep, fans Muddle, and then wake up when the better, sleep a night out a lot of sweat, clutching his coat downstairs to pay the room today, in the reception room to see the hangover Zhaxi sleep on the bench, wake up West is a mistake, then he woke up asleep every person, near noon we go out to drink tea, in the Barkhor Street, drink butter tea and sweet tea, look at the Potala Palace, the sun, Lhasa also should be so comfortable, Casual, comfortable, not panic.

Back to the inn on the road, clockwise around the Barkhor Street, from the Barker North Street to the Baxos East Street, in the northeast corner of the Barker Street, stay under the sun, to her husband phone, I said I am in the northeast corner of the Barkhorn Sunshine Waiting for him, said I said crying, while talking while walking gradually feel the pain of breathing, talking very laborious, big super let me pay attention to safety, the phone side also heard my difficult breathing and breathing, Yiyi not willing Hang up the phone, I really want her husband and I am here with, I know there will be so one day.

August 4, 2010
Shannan's cloud will speak

Car about four hours driving, we arrived at the Temple of Monastery, Sangye Temple known as 'the first temple in Tibet' reputation, also known as the temple, boundless temple, located in the Shannan area of ​​Tibet, Yarlung Zangbo River north of the haba mountain into the temple along the clockwise direction around the monastery to the barrel, fingertips and the barrel of each touch are as if a spiritual percussion, no distractions, just bless my love every A person is in good health, I do not have a heart completely to the Buddha, so I dare not ask for a lot. Shannan's cloud will speak, that accompanied us all the way down the mountain scenery Do not speak with language, even if the non-stop against the window The shutter can not be one by one to capture, only to see is a shape of the clouds, between the twinkling of an eye changed, this piece of clouds through the sky is blue, another piece of clouds in the rain, dunes, mountains, rivers, Creek, rice fields, trees, flocks, and snow-capped mountains, you can think of every scene can be met, I finally can personally experience that kind of Tibet, to Lhasa's pride and from Cents.


August 5, 2010

For you and me different Nyingchi

People who come to Tibet are going to Nyingchi, seven hours from Lhasa to Nyingchi.

Lhasa to Nyingchi first to climb the Mila Pass, 5013 meters above sea level, just heard began to headache, take pictures in the Mila Pass, feeling better, breathing is more difficult than in Lhasa, but basically have been able to adapt, All the way to the beautiful scenery, the altitude sickness has long been thrown out of the clouds.Through the clear bottom of the stream, passing through the mountains and valleys peaks, passing the mountains running the sheep, we have to take pictures, but although the camera shutter from beginning to end Uninterrupted press, can not be a beautiful place to stay, so stop all the way to stop, or pictures, or feel, or laughing, and sometimes a little squint, in the evening when we arrived in eight A town

August 6, 2010

Early in the morning from the Bay to the town of Lulang, at noon the United States and the United States and the United States and the meal of the Lulang civilization stone pot chicken, which is Nyingchi trip my favorite one, I mean the Lulang Zhaxi Village, Zhaxi help us ahead I am very easy to meet, thousands of hotels can live, dozens of inn also feel comfortable, lament that they are not completely corrupted by the material, Lhasa is like this One can let you return to the original place, every day wearing the cheapest jewelry, carrying the cheapest bag full of mountains and plains running, everything is so beautiful people can not breathe, very pure in the afternoon still their own activities, go up the mountain , The big sun can not stop my passionate footsteps, sun drying calcium anti-high anti. Everything is too beautiful, the United States had to let people shouting, mountains and plains full of wild flowers, and the horse in the run, cattle in the Running, I chased the horse cow is also running, lying on the grass, listening to music watching the blue sky, that moment all solidified, solidified in this warm sun, hot to me to melt.

From the sun to the sunset until the sunset infinite, Nyingchi's every bit of the original and beautiful, drinking Ping Zhu aunt personally boiled butter tea, biting the state of milk residue, all of which are called Nyingchi, and Nyingzhi everything Are called happiness

August 7, 2010

Back to Lhasa

Back to Lhasa is already in the evening, at night to see Zhu Ge in the yard, hit it off to visit the morning of the Barkhor Street, the street has no people, the booth has long been removed, Jokhang Temple there are still a few people in the kowtow, that is what A kind of perseverance and faith, quietly passing from the Barker North Street to the East Street, South Street, Bazhou West Street, turn around and then back to the Jokhang Temple, is late at night two, the night is not like the night, especially Back to the East measures, the street is still someone eating barbecue, the yachts are also in the chat, Lhasa is sleepless, no one willing to sleep so early, I was afraid to open his eyes in Lhasa days and less one day , Never left has begun to miss, I could not bear to leave.

August 8, 2010

Lhasa River sunrise

Do you know that the sunrise of Lhasa is a few minutes? Do you know that the stars of Lhasa will disappear in a few moments? Do you know where the first piece of clouds in Dhaka is dyed in red? Do you know that starting at five o'clock In the Lhasa Bridge waiting for the sunrise will be cold? At this time the mood and let my voice stuffed, the hand is cold, and my heart is very hot, like a burst of fire burning, Lhasa morning some cool , The top wrapped in cotton-padded jacket, pants have long been the wind blowing, already seven o'clock in the morning, I see the sky has been bright, but I still did not see the shadow of the sun, which may be the first time since Lhasa, so strong desire for the sun The warmth ...