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What to buy in Tibet-Religious souvenirs

Maybe, you are not familiar with mysterious Tibetan Buddhism but must know about numerous religious souvenirs like Thangka, musk which are hanging in the temples.

Thangka is a Tibetan painting with scrolls, mainly taking Buddha as the figure as well as some flowers and birds, mountains and rivers, even medicine and astronomy are included. The common ones are painted by Tibetan artists, which you could easily buy on the streets. But some rare ones weaving in silk or with embroideries are cultural relics more than goods, which are not easy to find.

Tibetan mask is an art work derived from religion. Usually, when significant religious festival comes, Lamaist devil dance ceremony will be held, in which you will see people wearing masks in figure of ghosts or animal totems. Some hanging masks figure in dharma protector and laksmi while masks of Tibetan opera are endowed the personalized feature such as kings, princesses and monsters according to the plot.

Khada(Hadda)and Dhama wheels are also very popular among the tourist.

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