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Travel to Tibet

Shangri-La, the snowy plateau, the roof of the world, for several centuries, deep in the Himalayas and the cross mountains after the mysterious land - the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. With the development of economy at home and abroad in recent years, the improvement of traffic conditions and the popularity of travel, people are increasingly talking about Tibet, to Tibet tourism has become a fashion.

Tibet is a beautiful place, from the canyon to the cliffs, from the woods to the grasslands, from the snow peak to the ice lake, from a bite of the sky to the wild to see the dark fog, there are some soul-stirring and masterpieces of silence. The kind of desolate and full of tenderness, harsh and unfortunate beauty can bring you into the soul of the meditation of the awakening, intoxicated without thinking Road.

Tibet is a sacred place, that all over the mountains and rivers of the temple resplendent, to the snowland plateau covered with a circle of sacred halo, but also to the Tibetan earth enveloped a layer of mysterious colors. In this rich religious atmosphere, in the butter lamp lights in the temple of the temple, Tathagata Buddha's unpredictable, Guanyin Buddha's quiet and kind, protect the law of God's horrible hideous, accompanied by incense flashing, more and more reveal their extraordinary charm , Good men and women who shoulder to shoulder, pious sadly worship. In this land, everywhere can be seen on the Buddha full of sincerity.

Tibet is a place of peace, through the Buddha through the soul of the shine, the Tibetans in the wisdom of heaven and earth, optimistic and outgoing expression, but also implies from the Buddhist empty, virtual, no. It is the vast and loose "no" - no my, no other, unintentional, inaction, does not matter, nothing to worry about, do not want to see, do nothing, do nothing, nothing can be no Can not.

Tibet is also a secular place, Barkhor Street next to the monastery, but frankly filled with secular happiness, it seems that every day has never been interrupted. Turn of the turn, wandering wandering, the sale of the sale. Knocking the head of the long-winded body of the wind and frost the body threw himself in the earth's heavy voice is exciting, but does not prevent a pair of twists and turns of the dancers traveled laughter; although the magnificent Potala Palace is so magnificent , Maggie Amina soil yellow walls and beds are also worth remembering.

Everything is destined for Tibet to become a paradise for travelers. The purpose of this book is to show that travelers can more easily put this experience, set foot on the land has never been involved, see never imagined life, get to know your life is completely different people, so touch the mysterious Culture, appreciate the realm of Buddhist Zen.

For a self-help travel enthusiast, the book provides sufficient information to help you design your own route, the autonomy of travel arrangements for everything, free, active, profound, full of hardships and poetic, to make full use of modern civilization to bring convenience, But not by commercial deception and bound travel. True self-help travel also means: deep into the destination of all kinds of life, appreciate the authentic local culture and social life. It allows you to experience a variety of life in a variety of life, in a limited time and space to enjoy the experience of different time and space.