Tibet Bike Tours
Experience the most challenging Tibet bike tours rides on the top of the world.

Tibet Bike Tours

Tibet Bike Tours need enough stamina and spirit of adventure, but it is indeed possible if you dare to challenge yourself both physically and psychologically.

The long road is difficult, in the high altitude of 4000 meters above needs a strong body in Tibet bicycle riding, our tour purpose is to allow you to explore, enjoy more scenery and culture, the highest place finish cycling challenge in you the world! However, good preparation and professional organization are necessary. Your bicycle exploration can be combined with hiking, riding more distance in mixed mode.

Don't hesitate to ask for help from Travel Tibet China as we know this land very well. We will arrange the Tibetan local tour guide and driver experience for you to follow you, which helps you complete the Tibet bike tours in a better way!


Popular Tibet Bike Tour Packages

Lofty peaks, magnificent Buddhist monasteries and serene lakes and welcoming locals etc., with entire Tibet inviting you for an epic ride, fun is your mission. And we present you with all the highlights of cycling tours in Tibet.

To facilitate our clients with varied preferences, we collect the most recommended Tibet cycling tours as follows. From week-long short biking routes around Lhasa to epic cycling journey across the massive Tibet plateau, you can choose the right one that fits yourself. If there is no suitable trip you prefer, we can also help to customize your perfect itinerary according to your own needs.

6 Days Lhasa and Ganden Monastery Bike T...

lhasa - ganden monastery - lhasa

This 6 days short bike tour from Lhasa to Ganden Monastery will take you to enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery of Lhasa and visit the sacred sites of Tibet.

8 Days Lhasa to Namtso Lake Bike Tour

lhasa - namtso lake - lhasa

15 Days Central Tibet Biking Tour

lhasa - ganden - namtso - yarlong valley - lhasa

This short biking tour around Lhasa is designed to introduce the unique culture and history of central Tibet. After a good acclimation of the high altitude of Tibet, start biking and hiking...

18 Days Cycling Tour from Golmud to Lhas...

golmud - kunlun mountain - wudaoliang - tuotuo river - amdo - nagqu - namtso - yangpachen - lhasa

Cycling from Golmud to Lhasa is an interesting and challenging tour, but you will be rewarded by fabulous sights en route and satisfaction after overcoming the high mountain passes over 400...

22 Days Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Tour

lhasa - gyangtse - shigatse - lhatse - tingri - rongphuk - nyalamu - zhangmu - kathmandu

Lhasa to Kathmandu Bike Tour is a long journey full of amazing sceneries and cultural experience. Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa for two days' acclimation in Lhasa city, then bike toward Evere...

Highlights of Tibet Bike Tour Attractions

It is about enjoying each day of the trip in a brand new way. Tibet is a paradise for travellers, as there are countless things to do here. The natural beauty sets the mood perfectly and the heart wants to engage in a lot of exciting activities. Travellers can explore different sides of Tibet, from the unforgettable religious experiences to the rich cultural extravaganza. The hilly roads are waiting to be explored and what better way than cycling. Keeping the body fit is a daunting task in Tibet and cycling can help greatly. It not only influences cardiovascular fitness, but also gives us endurance and a tremendous amount of stamina. But people with altitude sickness should never try cycling, as it can be disastrous.

Lhasa to Ganden Monastery Cycling Tour

Ganden Monastery is one of the oldest of all the monasteries in Tibet. It has over 600 years of history since its construction in 1409, it is the prime monastery of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Founded by the great Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelug sect, it is not only the first temple of Gelugpa, but one of the Three Great Temples of Tibetan Buddhism, the other two being Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery.

Lhasa to Namtso Lake Cycle Tour

The best part about enjoying Tibet is getting the most out of the short but sweet cycle tours. A traveller can travel to any destination from Lhasa, but going to Namtso Lake on a cycle has its own charm. The grasslands are colourfully dotted with beautiful sheep and the famous yaks. The shepherd camps are traditional in nature, but they also look good under the snowy mountain.

Lhasa to Everest Base Camp Cycling

This is basically a huge trip and it involves a lot of things. In most cases, the cycling trip continues for as many as 19 days. Cyclists have plenty of reasons to love this route and it taken them to an amazing land. Adventurers always prefer this and Everest Base Camp gives them the right kind of thrill. Lhasa City has a distinct climate and first three days are reserved for acclimatizing.

Lhasa to Kathmandu Cycling

A true adventure lies in store for those who take this ride. Extremely popular in tourist cycles, this has become a preferred choice. In Lhasa, tourists spend some days to soak in the climate and visit the city’s top attractions. The various riding equipments are prepared after that and cyclists go towards Shigatse using the ancient Gyantse route. Tashilhunpo is visited next and Friendship Highway is taken to reach Mt. Everest. The sunset as well as the night scene is fabulous here and globetrotters can’t wish for anything more.

FAQs about Planning a Tibet Bike Tour

1. What is the fitness demand for cycling in Tibet?

Considering the high altitude and long distances of most cycling tours in Tibet, one needs have at least an average level of fitness. Some of the short cycling around Lhasa may be relatively easy for most tourists, while some mountain biking tours, like the one from Lhasa to Everest Base Camp, requires a higher degree of fitness. The road is generally flat and broad, but there will be quite a few twists and turns from time to time. Especially, when crossing the mountain passes, it can be quite exhausting. It is recommended to take training for a couple of months before you officially start cycling on the plateau. Also getting acclimatized to the high altitude is helpful.

2. When is best time to enjoy a Tibet cycling tour?

Generally, the best time to enjoy a Tibet biking tour is from April to June and September to November. In spring and autumn seasons, the climate is stable and the weather is mild, and clear and bright sky makes it favorable to explore the wildness of Tibet. One can appreciate the refreshing natural landscape from blooming flowers to lush grassland. Summer season is also a good time for biking as an alternative, but one needs to pay attention to the rain forecast in advance if the cycling involves some mountain roads. From November, most routes in Tibet will be blocked by heavy snows and it could be risky to bike on the plateau at this time.

3. How is the road condition for biking in Tibet?

In fact, you will ride on very good roads most of the time as the road conditions in Tibet have been greatly improved especially for those between big cities. There is smooth and wide Friendship Highway that connects Lhasa with Gyirong Port, and the route from Lhasa to Lake Namtso is also well-paved. Certainly, some mountain roads in remote areas of Tibet are still rugged and bumped, but no so bad as one imagined. Usually, a mountain bike is qualified for all kinds of biking in Tibet.

4. What permits and documents to prepare for a Tibet bike tour?

First of all, you need to get the Tibet Travel Permit and Chinese Visa to travel to Tibet. After you get your Chinese Visa by your own, we can help you to get the Tibet Travel Permit with the copies of your visa and passport. With the two documents, you are able to cycle in Lhasa and its surroundings. If your biking route extends to Everest Base Camp or other remote regions, or even the China and Nepal border at Gyirong, you will also need to get Aliens’ Travel Permit or Frontier Pass. Still, our guide will help you to get the required documents just before checking during your cycling journey.

5. Can I bring my own bike? How could I get a bike in Tibet?

Yes, you can bring your own bike if it is convenient for you. You can pack your bike up to take flights or trains to Tibet, but you will probably pay a lot for the long-distance transportation. As a proper option, you can hire a bike in Lhasa. There are several stores providing bike rental services. Remember to bring the spares like chains, tires, tubes in case the bike breaks en route. The cost on hiring a mountain bike will depend on how many days you will hire for your trip. But it normally cheaper than the way you bring your own bike.

Tibet Bike Tours Guide

The Most Classic Tibet Cycling Tour Routes

Travelling is never about just one activity. It is about enjoying each day of the trip in a brand new way. Tibet is a paradise for travellers, as there are countless things to do here.

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Professional Tibet tourism designers.We provide independent VIP private tour and good-quality shared tour for your choice. According to your request, combined with our recommendations, we can customize your exclusive route, and make your Tibet trip a satisfactory one. We have mysterious Tibetan shared tours for you to choose, according to your own travel plans and budget, to help you achieve your travel goals more easily. We smoothen your journey and take you feel the real beauty of Tibet.