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Tibet July weather guide

July is a great season to travel to Tibet, so this time the Tibetan tourism market is in the most popular period. July in Tibet, especially the rain, visitors must prepare an umbrella, raincoats, with a good enough for laundry. In addition, most of the rain concentrated in the night, during the day rarely rain, so basically do not disturb the tourists during the day travel plans. Tibet in July the weather temperature is more comfortable, do not need to prepare a very thick clothes, it is best to mainly outdoor sportswear, underwear material to cotton-based. Shoes to sports shoes or outdoor shoes for the best. If you have plans to go to Everest and other high altitude areas, it is recommended to bring thick or double the clothes, shoes to help the best outdoor shoes. Summer sunscreen work is more important, both men and women, high degree of sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc. are necessities.

Which the temperature is as follows:

Lhasa region in July the average temperature between 10 ℃ -22 ℃.

Ali in July the average temperature is 7 ℃ -24 ℃.

Nyingchi region in July the average temperature is 12 ℃ -22 ℃.

Nagqu area in July the average temperature is 4 ℃ -16 ℃.

The average temperature in July in Shigatse is 5 ℃ -27 ℃.

Shannan region in July the average temperature is 8 ℃ -28 ℃.

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