Tibet Tour: An Unforgettable Dream Trip

Tibet Tours are an unforgettable dream trip, Travel Tibet China offers a variety of private and small group Tibet tour packages around a reasonable price. We promise to achieve the best experiences for your Tibet tours via a galaxy of carefully-engineered tour products.

Tibet is one of the most mystical and spiritually holy places on earth. Famous for the most sacred Potala Palace in Lhasa. Of course, Tibet has also abundant tourism resources. One can travel as far to Everest North Base Camp within Rongbuk, for religious mind and faith visit holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Lake of Manasrover within Tibet Far southwest corners.

Most Tibet tour start from the capital city Lhasa and then extend to other regions, such as Shigatse, EBC, Shannan, Nyingchi, Ngari, etc. Our private tour packages take you to explore deep into the Holy Land, with loads of options, freedom & flexibility. We will be helpful for you to arrange impressive Tibet tours without worrying about the permit application.


Lhasa Tours

Lhasa tours 2020/2021: our best Lhasa tours take you to explore the best highlights of Lhasa, also discover Lhasa’s surrounding – Namtso, Nyingchi, Shigatse…at the lowest prices!

Tibet Trekking Tour

Our hand picked Tibet trekking tours are specially make for those who are looking for a wilderness experiences on the Tibetan plateau and get rid of the mass tourism, escape from the busy city life and explore the peaceful nomadic atmosphere. Best designed Mount Kailash trekking and Everest Base Camp trek tours based on your interest.

Tibet Tour with China Destinations

China has abundant tourism resources, Since you usually have to transfer from flight/train hubs in China, such as Beijing, Chengdu, to Tibet. So why not travel Tibet with popular destinations in China? You can explore the featured highlights of Beijing (Great Wall & Forbidden City), feel the ancient pulse of history and culture in Xi’an (Terracotta Warriors), challenge the spicy local cuisine in Chengdu (Pandas & Hotpot), and meet the devout pilgrims on the holy land of Lhasa. You will not only get much more fun but also make full use of convenient transfer accesses. You are warmly welcome to discover the diverse beauties of the country with Traveltibetchina.com.

Altitude of Main Cities & Places of Interest in Tibet

City Altitude Attraction Altitude
Lhasa 3658 m/12001 ft Lake Yamdrok 4500 m/14764 ft
Nagqu 4507 m/14787 ft Tashilunpo Monastery 4800 m/15748 ft
Nyingchi 3000 m/9843 ft Rongbuk Monastery 5100 m/16732 ft
Tsedang 3500 m/11483 ft Mt. Everest Base Camp 5200 m/17060 ft
Xigatse 3836 m/12585 ft Yumbulagang Palace 3700 m/12139 ft
Gyangtse 4040 m/13255 ft Lake Namtso 4700 m/15420 ft
Tingri 4300 m/14108 ft Samye Monastery 3556 m/11667 ft

Tibet tours:What Makes Us Different

  • Easy Trip Planning Escorted by a skilled private driver and companied by a professional local tour guide.
  • Expert Customizing 17 years’ experience tailoring to individual needs, always flexible,Tailor-made Your Tour,Customize your local experts!
  • Guaranteed Standards Big brand western-level service, great reviews, Money Back Guarantee
  • Safe & Comfort Use standard A/C Tourist Vehicle in tour with Oxygen supply to make tour safe and comfort
  • To Meet The Demand Of Youth Offer Hotel & Guest House Options to youth to minimize the cost of a tour
  • Easy To Book Train Tickets To Lhasa We have significant advantages for visitors booking train tickets to Tibet from the Chinese mainland, Tourists can book train tickets along with group tour package

Tibet tours - related questions and answers

Do I really need a travel permit if I want to visit Tibet? How can I get one?

Yes, foreign passport holders including Taiwanese and Non-Chinese ID card holders need to have a travel permit to visit Tibet according to the rules and regulations of the China National Tourism Administration.

For clients who book tours with us, we will handle the travel permit for you. You only need to provide us with the necessary information including your full name, nationality, age, gender, occupation, passport number as well as photocopies of your passport and visa at least 20 days in advance. After the application is checked and approved, the Tourism Bureau will issue the travel permit about two weeks prior to your entry to the region. Then we will deliver the travel permit to your destination before Lhasa so that you can board the flight or train to Lhasa successfully.

From start to finish, we will help you get everything ready for a memorable and best Tibet tour.

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

You can visit Lhasa, Testang, Gyangtse and Shigatse all year round, although May to October is especially favorable for sightseeing. Also, if you want to best explore the Everest Base Camp, we suggest you avoid the period from late October to early April as your journey may be hampered by the severe weather.

What happens if I had an altitude sickness during the tour?

If an acute altitude sickness occurs to you during the tour. You can breathe oxygen for an immediate relief (a 4L oxygen cylinder for each passenger will be provided on the car). If you need to see a doctor, the driver or the guide will accompany you to the clinic/hospital in Lhasa or Shigatse. If you happen to be in a remote area such as Everest Base Camp, you will be taken to the nearest clinic to be treated (the cost of the car and medical expenses need to be paid by the customers themselves).

What is the appropriate behavior when visiting religious sites in Tibet?

Tibetans are Buddhists, so it is very important to respect their beliefs. Below are some tips you should know about.
Visitors need to walk clockwise around the religious sites and facilities, like temples, monasteries, pagodas, Mani stones and prayer wheels.
Visitors are not allowed to touch Buddhist statues and sutras. Also taking pictures and smoking inside temples or monasteries is prohibited.
Avoid wearing shorts at the religious site.
Do not touch anyone on the head.
Do not step on the threshold of any house, temple or monastery.
Though Tibetans have some religious taboos, they are always very friendly towards tourists.

Is it convenient to use credit card and ATM cards when traveling in the region?

Unfortunately, credit cards are not widely accepted in Tibet, and they can only be used at certain hotels. It is advisable to exchange enough RMB in big cities like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai or Chengdu before heading to Lhasa.
ATMs are also not widely available in the region, so you may wish to withdraw money or exchange money at the Bank of China if you run out of Chinese currency. Remember to bring your passport, which must be presented when exchanging currency.

I found all Tibet tour packages cost more than those of other major tourist cities in China. May I know why?

Yes, the relevant travel costs in Tibet are indeed higher than those of other cities. A major reason is that higher transportation fees add to the price. Firstly, there are still only a limited number of cities with direct flights to and from Lhasa, and the airfares are usually higher with fewer discounts. Secondly, there are relatively few licensed tourist vehicles in the area, thus their cost becomes expensive. Thirdly, long drives are involved on trips because the distances from the airport to downtown Lhasa, as well as from one city to another are far, although road conditions have been improved a lot. In this case, the cost of fuel also accounts for a percentage of the total price. Although it is a bit more expensive to travel to the region compared with some other destinations, its landscape, religious traditions, culture and unsolved mysteries are of great value.

Can I do independent travel in Tibet?

Independent travel is not allowed for foreigners in the region. All visitors need to join an organized group or have a private trip with a confirmed travel itinerary, a licensed guide and a driver arranged by a travel agency. To meet clients' different interests, we design a 4-day private Lhasa package and some two weeks long Tibet tours starting from Beijing, Xian,Chengdu, Shanghai or Hong Kong via Guangzhou. Besides, we can also extend the private trip from Lhasa to Nepal and India.

Can the travel agency book the air/train tickets for me??

For customers who participate in our group (whether it is a join-in group or a private group), we provide air/train tickets booking service. The price of the air/train tickets vary according to different seasons or flights, etc. If you need to book a ticket/train ticket, please contact our travel consultant for the latest air/train tickets’ price information.

Tibet Travel Guide & Information

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Our philosophy is simple and direct - to provide you with the best travel experience in Tibet which is not only valuable but also enjoyable. What we are good at is offering well-designed and diverse Private Tibet Tours, fixed-departure Group Tours, and customizing a trip to match your interests, tastes and budget. To take you to explore the REAL Tibet, we use the local Tibetans as your tour guide and drivers and add the unique local experience of culture and history into your trip. Enjoy your adventure!

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