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Documents are required to travel to Kailash

Kailash is a world-recognized sacred mountain located in Pulan County, Ali Prefecture, Tibet, about 1,300 kilometers from downtown Lhasa. Although its elevation is not the highest and its peak posture is not the most majestic, its sacred status is incomparable. Not far from Kailash Lake Mabunyongcho adds a sacred touch to the sacred mountain. In Tibet, sacred mountains reflect sacred lakes, and sacred lakes against sacred mountains are a very common landscape, and Kailash and Mabunyong are examples of all sacred mountains and holy lakes.

If you travel to Tibet, if you miss Kailash and Mabunyong, you will regret it, and how many people have entered Tibet again and again in order to be able to see the sacred mountain and the sacred lake up close. Since foreigners need many documents to go to Kailash and Malbunyong, foreign guests who travel to Tibet, if you have the opportunity to go to Tibet, must not miss Kailash and Malbunyong. Kailash Trekking Mountain Guide and Mapunyong Mountain Turning Raiders will make your trip to the sacred mountain holy lake easier. Let's take a look at what documents you need to get to Kailash to get there.

Map of elevation change from Lhasa to Kailash

What documents do visitors from Hong Kong and Macau need to go to Kailash in China?

Tourists from Hong Kong and Macau are both Chinese citizens, so in addition to identity documents, they only need to apply for a border control permit. Border protection permits can be obtained at the local public security bureau or in Lhasa after arriving in Lhasa, and the documents can be obtained in one day.

Home Return Permit: Proof of identity for Hong Kong and Macau tourists entering the Chinese mainland, used to enter Chinese mainland areas.

Border Guard Certificate: Proof of entry and exit of Chinese residents into and out of the border area of Tibet, used to enter the border area of Tibet, such as the Everest Base Camp in Dingri County of Shigatse and Kailash in Alipuran County.

Special reminder: there are many people in the Tibetan year of the horse, Kailash transfer mountain, border control permit processing is more strict, if you plan to transfer the mountain in the Tibetan calendar year of the horse, remember to submit your Tibet travel plan half a year in advance, so that we can apply for a border control permit to Ali area for you in advance. The previous Tibetan horse year is 2014 and the next Tibetan horse year is 2026.

Documents required for foreigners (including overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese) to go to the sacred mountain and holy lake

Documents required to enter Tibet, China from Chinese mainland cities:

Map of elevation change from Lhasa to Kailash

Chinese visa: (except for visa-free countries in China) The identity certificate of foreign tourists entering China, used to enter the Chinese region, according to the purpose of entry, can be divided into tourist visa, family visit visa, work visa and other types. Tourist visas are mainly required for sightseeing trips to the sacred lakes of Mount Kinabamboo. <>Tibet entry letter: Foreigners entering Tibet for tourism are used to enter Tibet in China, and they need to provide Tibet letter when entering Tibet by train or plane. (How to apply for a letter of entry?) ) <>Alien Travel Permit: A travel permit for foreign tourists in the Tibetan border area to enter the Tibetan border areas, such as Everest Base Camp, Kailash and Guge dynasty.

Documents required to enter Tibet, China:

Nepal Visa: A certificate of permission to enter Nepal to enter Nepal region.

Tibet tourist group visa + letter of entry into Tibet: Foreigners entering Tibet, China from Nepal can directly apply for a Tibet tour group visa and letter of entry to enter Tibet, China through the Jilong Port, without the need for an additional Chinese tourist visa.

Alien Travel Permit: A permit for foreign tourists to travel in non-open areas of Tibet, which is used to enter tourist areas such as Kailash Rinpochi, Mabunyongcuo, Everest Base Camp and other tourist areas in the border areas of Tibet.

Documents required by Taiwanese to go to Kailash to turn the mountain

Taiwan Compatriot Permit: The identity certificate of Chinese Taiwanese in the mainland, used to enter Chinese mainland areas.

Letter of entry into Tibet: The permission of Taiwanese to enter Tibet is used to enter Tibet in Tibet, and they need to provide a letter of entry when entering Tibet by train and plane.

Alien Travel Permit: A travel permit for Taiwanese tourists in non-open areas of Tibet to enter Tibetan border areas.

How to apply for a visa for foreigners entering Tibet from Nepal?

To enter Tibet from Nepal, it is required to apply for a group tourist visa for Tibet at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, and only a group tourist visa can be processed. (In the case of individual tourist visa + letter of entry into Tibet, you can only enter Tibet through Chinese mainland city)

The working hours of the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu for issuing visas are every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is divided into three situations: general, urgent and special emergency, and provides services for pickup within three working days, two working days and one working day.

Group visas are one-time visas, which are valid for up to 30 days depending on the itinerary, and if you want to go to other cities in China after traveling in Tibet, you need to consider your entire Chinese itinerary in the itinerary of the visa application.

How to apply for a letter of entry?

Information required for letter application: scanned copy of foreign passport + Chinese visa, as well as your contact information, as well as the confirmed travel route arrangement, you can send this information to the mailbox of our travel agency to provide you with the letter of entry service.

Chinese visa is recommended to apply for a tourist visa, ethnic Chinese can apply for a family visit visa, need to submit an invitation letter to the travel agency. If it is a work visa or a student visa, proof of employment or student attendance is required.

How to apply for a foreigner travel permit?

The full name of the Foreigner Travel Certificate is the Alien Travel Certificate of the People's Republic of China, which is a special document issued by the public security organ to authorize foreign tourists to travel to the "non-open areas of Tibet". Famous tourist destinations such as Mount Everest Base Camp, Kailash Peak, and Lake Mabunyongcuo are all "non-open areas", and in addition to a Chinese visa and letter of entry, you must also have a foreigner's travel permit.

Usually, as long as you have selected your favorite travel product on our website and successfully booked, we will collect the relevant information and process the letter for you free of charge. If your itinerary includes areas that require you to have a travel permit, don't worry, when you arrive in Lhasa, our friendly guides will collect your passport, letter of entry, and then submit these materials to the foreign affairs agency of the Public Security Bureau, usually within a few hours to successfully obtain the travel permit.

To travel to the sacred mountain and holy lake, you only need to bring a devout heart to enjoy the scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau along the way from Lhasa to Kailash Mountain, and leave it to us the application of travel documents for Kailash Mountain, so that you can enjoy your trip to Tibet with peace of mind.