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Can We Travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa by Train?

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The distinct topography makes Nepal the global paradise of hiking, mountaineering, and tropical safari. Wedged between lofty Himalayan mountain range and fertile Indian plains, Nepal is well-known for its abrupt ascent of terrain across the narrow strip of land. However, to a large extent it is this peculiar rocky terrain that renders the construction of railways practically impossible. Therefore, so far there is no railway available from Nepal to Lhasa.

However, Can we have overland Nepal Lhasa tour by train in the future? Theoretically, it is possible and no one can rule out its possibility given the continuous development of engineering technology. A fine example is the successful construction of Qinghai-Tibet Train and the ambitious project Sichuan-Tibet Railway which is being built now.

So far, Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa is the only way in

The linear distance between Kathmandu (1370m) and Lhasa (3658m) is 609km and it takes 1:30 hour to fly from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport to Lhasa Gonggar Airport.

Can we travel from Nepal to Lhasa by road?

Due to the devastating earthquake in Kathmandu in April, 25th, 2015, Zhangmu border, one of the vital overland gateways from Tibet to Nepal, was fatally damaged. And its full recovery was estimated to last for at least two years. The good news was that Gyirong (Jilong) Port, another replacement of Zhuangmu border, would take the place of crippled Zhangmu border and become the only overland gateway from Tibet to Nepal and vice versa. According to insiders’ information, the Gyirong port will be likely to open to public in June 2016, but the confirmed announcement is still up in the air.

Travel Documents You Need

For foreign tourists who want to travel from Nepal to Tibet, you have to confirm the itinerary and tour services with a local tour company in Kathmandu, and apply for the Tibet Travel Permit via a trusty local agency. Travel Tibet China has Kathmandu-based office and can help you get the needed travel documents.

For detailed steps, please check How to Enter Tibet from Nepal?

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