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Guangzhou to Lhasa Train

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The train to Lhasa from Guangzhou(Z264) made its debut in July, 2006.It departs every other day at noon from Guangzhou Train Station, and arrives at Lhasa Railway Station in the late afternoon on the third day after over 53 hours covering a distance of 4980 kilometers. It costs around RMB1500 for a first-class sleeper berth, about RMB900 for a second-class sleeper berth and half that for a hard seat.

There are two daily trains commuting between Guangzhou and Lhasa – Z264/Z265 and Z263/Z266. Z264/Z265 departs from Guangzhou Railway Station at 11:45 and gets to Lhasa Railway Station at 16:19 on the third day with duration of 52hrs and 34mins. Z266/Z263 starts from Lhasa Railway Station at 12:55 and arrives at Guangzhou Railway Station at 20:00 on the third day. The whole trip cost 55hrs and 5mins. The trains will stop at 10 midway railway stations.

The trains running between Guangzhou and Lhasa have three kinds of seats – Soft Sleeper, Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat. The different kinds of seats are charged with different price. The Hard Seat costs 447 RMB, which is just recommended to short-distance travelers because travelers can’t sleep in the carriages. The Hard Sleeper is much better and there is a berth for every passenger. It is charged 865~995 RMB. Soft Sleeper offers the best facilities and large space with the highest price – 1468 RMB or 1,557 RMB.

Check following table for details about Guangzhou Lhasa Train Schedules and Fares to decide which to choose.

Guangzhou to Lhasa Train Z264/Z265 Timetable

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Distance Frequency Ticket Price
Z264 (Guangzhou-Lhasa) 11:45 16:30  52:30  Hours 4980km daily ¥865
Hard sleeper
Soft sleeper
Z266(Lhasa-Guangzhou) 12:25 20:00 55:05 Hours daily ¥865
Hard sleeper
Soft sleeper

Day by Day Schedule 2020 & 2021

No. Train Stations Arrival Departure Kms Staying Time Days
1 Guangzhou - 11: 45 0 0 Day1
2 Binzhou 15: 32 15: 36 374 4m Day1
3 Changsha 19: 10 19: 17 707 7m Day1
4 Wuchang 22: 38 22: 58 1069 20m Day1
5 Zhengzhou 03: 33 03: 40 1605 7m Day2
6 Xian 09: 35 09: 45 2116 10m Day2
7 Lanzhou 16: 26 16:41 2792 17m Day2
8 Xining 19: 11 19: 31 3008 20m Day2
9 Golmud 02:20 02: 45 3838 25m Day3
10 Nagqu 12: 25 12: 39 4658 6m Day3
11 Lhasa 16: 19 - 4980   Day3

*Note:The actual arrival and departure time of train, please refer to the information on your ticket, or consult your travel consultant.

About ticket price:

The ticket prices above are the net price. In reality, as traveling in Tibet is so popular that the actual ticket demand far exceeds the supply, in-bound and out-bound tourists have to pay more than the net price to buy tickets. The actual price is subject to the market fluctuation. In some cases, the actual price could be double than the net price. Despite the uncertainty and difficulty in purchasing train tickets, Travel Tibet China(TTC) would manage to book tickets at a reasonable price ( usually 20 percent lower than the market price) and promise to offer free service for it. If tourists only want to buy train tickets via Travel Tibet China without intending to travel to Tibet, TTC will have to charge a small amount of service fee.

Which Seat Class should I take, Soft Sleeper, Hard Sleeper or Hard Seat?

According to our local experience, we strongly suggest travelers choose the Soft Sleeper instead of the Hard Sleeper and Hard Seat to ensure a more comfortable and safer trip because passengers will have to stay a night on the train.

Comparison between Soft Sleeper and Hard Sleeper

  Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Door Yes No
Vacuum Flask Yes Yes
Power Supply Yes No
TV Yes No
Size of Sleeper Width:700mm/Length:1900mm Width:500mm/Length:1800mm
Amount of Sleepers 4 6

Notice: Since there are usually about 64 Soft Sleepers on each train to Tibet, so you’d better confirm your trip and book the train tickets as early as possible. Currently, passengers can book the train ticket 30 days in advance.

Facilities on Guangzhou to Lhasa Train – Life on the Train

Air Conditioning and Oxygen Supply Every between Guangzhou and Lhasa is equipped with air-conditioning system to keep the air fresh and warm. It also has two kinds of oxygen supply system. On is a ‘dispersion-mode’ oxygen supply system. It spreads the oxygen in the air of the car and keeps enough oxygen content. The other is a “distribution-mode” oxygen supply which can be used directly by passengers through an independent oxygen outlet when the high altitude sickness takes place.
Food and Drink There is a dining car in the middle of the train and it offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only Chinese food is available, including rice, meats, soups and vegetables. You can also buy bento from the Food Trolley. The Hot Water Dispenser is in the connection of every two carriages, and you can receive free hot water there. There are also drinks in the dining car and Food Trolley for sale. Don’t drink the water from the washing area.
Luggage Storage The luggage closet in the Soft Sleeper Carriage is located above the door of the compartment. It is about 16 inches (40cm) high and 20 inches (50cm) wide. If you choose a Hard Sleeper, just put you luggage or suitcases on the racks about the window by the side of aisle. The passenger in Hard Seat Carriage can put their luggage on the close above the seats or just place the luggage under the seat.
Toilet and Washing There is a western-style toilet in every Soft Sleeper Carriage and a squat toilet in every Hard Sleeper Carriage or Hard Seat Carriage. Toilet paper is not provided in the toilets and you need to bring your own. There is a simple washbasin in the toilet and another outside. Only cold water is provided undrinkable.
Compartment Both Soft Sleeper Carriage and Hard Sleeper Carriage are made up by compartments. In the Soft Sleeper Compartment, there are 4 berths. Between two lower berths, there is a table. Under the table, you can find a plug for getting power supply. Every berth is equipped with a small TV fixed on the door and an oxygen outlet near the window. As for Hard Sleeper Compartment, the facilities include a small table, a dustbin and a thermos flask.

Train to Tibet Travel and Tibet Travel Permit:


Tibet Travel Permit, also called Tibet Entry Permit, is a basic permit that all foreign passport holders MUST obtain. It is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau in Lhasa and can only be applied by travel agencies in China. Any tourists are unable to apply this permit by themselves directly. Usually it takes about 15~20 days to apply the permit. Without Tibet Travel Permit, you can’t book a ticket or take a train to Lhasa at present. The photocopy of Tibet travel Permit is also available if you don’t have the original one in hand. However, if you board a train in Chongqing, Xian and Lanzhou, the original permit is necessary. Sometimes, Tibet Travel Permit is not required, and don’t hesitate to contact us for the updated information please.

How to Apply Tibet Travel Permit?

1. Obtain a Chinese visa from the Chinese Embassy in your home country;
2. Contact us to work out and decide the itinerary of your Tibet tour;
3. Send your scanned copies of your passport and Chinese Visa to your travel consultant and provide an available address (like your hotel) in China to receive your permit;
4. We will apply the Tibet Travel Permit from Tibet Bureau for you;

5.Once the permit is issued, we will send the original permit to you by post.

>> Learn more details about Tibet Travel Permit Application


To be able to board the Shanghai-Lhasa train, foreign tourists have to show your passport, Tibet Travel Permit, and train ticket to the train inspector. If tourists want to travel in Tibet, you need to find a licensed and trustworthy travel agency to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit.

For detailed introduction of how to apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

Where to recharge your mobile phones and electronic devices?

The powerplugfor chargers are located in the corridors OR under your table inthe cabin with the 4 soft sleepers (in between the 2 lower bunks).

Can touristshave shower in the train?

Unfortunately, there is no shower room in the train.Dobring some wet wipesin stores anda smalltowel, and small but equally important thing:toilet/tissue paper.

Is it possible to swap ticket with other people to stay with friends or family inthe same cabin?

Yes. It is acceptable.You may ask conductor to swaptickets with other passengers to stay with your family or friends.

Is smoking allowed in the cabin?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the trainas thetrain is tightly sealed and pressurized and oxygen is pumped into the carriagewhen the train ascends to extreme altitude. It would be devastating if thetrain caught fire.

Is it necessary to carry Tibet Travel Permit all the time?

Make sure you have your passport, Tibet Travel Permit andticket with youas you could be checked many times during the longjourney.

It is advisable to havemany copies of Tibet Travel Permit.

How can we minimize the effect of altitude sickness?

The effect of altitude sickness onpassengers varies. Yet, to minimize or ease the impact of altitude sickness,one mayprepare somealtitude sickness tabletsbefore boarding the train and take some whenthe train climbs to plateau. There is no need to worry too much thealtitude sickness, the train is built withoxygen suppley system. It is easy to use.

How to Book Guangzhou Lhasa Train Tickets

It is available to book the train ticket at the railway station and online. If you are in Guangzhou or other cities of China, you can go to the railway station and book the ticket from the ticket windows directly. You could also ask the ticket conductor to offer you a preferred upper or lower berth if they are available. Remember to take your original passport and Tibet Travel Permit. Because the tickets to Lhasa are really limited, so you need to buy in advance. Tibet Discovery offers tickets-booking service. Send your passport information to us and we will help you to book the ticket on line.

How to Get to Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is the only railway station operates train to Lhasa in Guangzhou. Its address is No. 159, Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District. Located near the north Inner Ring Road, Guangzhou Railway Station can be reached convenient. Metro Line 2, Line 5 and many public buses are all available to take you there.

B-Plan for Guangzhou Lhasa Train

The train journey between Guangzhou and Lhasa will take more than 53 hours, which is really time-consuming. If you want to shorten this long

journey without missing the most beautiful landscape along the railway, there are alternative plans for you.

1. Make a Transfer in Xian

Xian is one of the TOP 3 cities listed in the tourists’ tour plan. It is suggested that you get to Xian and spend one or more day there. In Xian, what you have to visit includes Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall, Bell Tower and Shaanxi History Museum. If time permits, you can extend your tour in Mount Huashan and takea hiking here. Both flights and high speed trains are available from Guangzhou to Lhasa. There are about 20 flights to Xian from Guangzhou one day, which take about 2hrs 40mins. Seven daily high speed trains are able to take you Xian from Guangzhou within 9hrs. As you get to Xian, you can take a train to Lhasa with duration of only 34 hours.

2. Make a Transfer in Xining

In fact, most people choose a train to Lhasa because of the good view of Tibet-Qinghai Railway (between Xining and Lhasa). You can take a flight from Guangzhou to Xining firstly, and then book a train to Lhasa. There is a daily directly from Guangzhou to Xining and several other flights to Lhasa with a transfer or stop at Xian. The instant flight just takes only 3hrs 40mins. Moreover, it is much easier to book a train ticket to Lhasa because there are many other trains to Lhasa will pass through Xining Railway station, like Beijing-Lhasa Train, Chengdu Lhasa Train, Shanghai-Lhasa Train, Lanzhou-Lhasa Train and Xining Lhasa Train. With much more trains to choose, you will have more opportunity to get your favorite seat or sleeper. If time permits, it is a good idea to visit the Taer Monastery and Qinghai Lake.

Besides, there are also some other cities operation trains to Lhasa, like Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Lanzhou. If you are unable to obtain a ticket of Guangzhou Lhasa Train, try others.

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