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Oxygen Supply on Tibet Train

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To deal with the higher altitude and lower oxygen levels, the Tibet Train offers two sets of oxygen supply system. There are oxygen supply tubes on each cabin in case of emergencies.
Aware of the lower oxygen content of the air at higher altitudes, the Tibet train offers two different sources of oxygen in a pressure-controlled environment. One is used for increasing the oxygen content of the train as it enters into the high altitude plateau zone; the other is directly supplied to passengers through independent ports in each cabin. There are oxygen supply tubes and masks in each cabin for emergency.
As the Tibet train ascends into the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Zone, additional oxygen is added to all cabins through the climate control system, which helps to eliminate any chance for high altitude sickness on the train. The altitude, temperature, and speed of the train are shown on monitors in each cabin as well.
Private oxygen masks are provided to every passenger on the train regardless of the type of train ticket.
The air pressure inside the train is automatically controlled to make you feel as if you are still traveling in a low altitude zone. In addition to all of these features, the glass windows on the train are specially coated to screen out ultraviolet rays, which are more prevalent at higher altitudes.
Train passengers can rest assured that the Qinghai – Tibet Railway has been carefully designed with passenger safety and comfort in mind as you travel to explore the roof of the world in Tibet.

Oxygen tube is readily available in the train from the conductor.

Passengers can insert oxygen tube into oxygen outlet to get oxygen.

The corridor along the train is also equipped with oxygen supply outlet.

Passengers can easily use oxygen supply outlet in the corridor, just insert the oxygen tube and put the other end into your nostrils.

The oxygen supply in Qinghai-Tibet train is fairly easy to use. All you need to do is ask conductor to get the oxygen supply set (such as oxygen tube) and use it via oxygen outlet. If you still feel uncomfortable or shortness of breath, you can ask the help from the conductor and get timely treatment from the doctor in the train.

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