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Qinghai Tibet Railway Map

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, The world’s highest railway, with the alternative name “rocket to the roof of the world”, on which the train to Tibet get started from mainland China, makes your trip to Tibet extremely unparalleled and attractive to international travelers.

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Currently, there are 7 major railway lines that run from inland China to Tibet, namely Beijing-Lhasa, Shanghai-Lhasa, Guangzhou-Lhasa, Chengdu-Lhasa, Chongqing-Lhasa, Lanzhou-Lhasa, and Xining-Lhasa. The actual Qinghai-Tibet Railway begins in Xining as the other 6 railways all converge in Xining for the trip on to Lhasa. Here are the 7 major railway maps for Tibet:

Xining-Lhasa Railway Map

Distance: 1960km

Benefit: (Premium Route,highly recommended)

a. So far the quickest and most convenient access to Lhasa

b. Most of the supreme natural scenery lies

c. The beginning of Qinghai-Tibet railway

Drawback: /

Train Station: Starting from Xining, the train passes 5 stations to Lhasa, with Tanggula Mountain Pass being the highest station.

Major Attraction: Qarhan Salt Lake, Yuzhu Peak, Kekexili Nature Reserve, Tanggula Mountain Pass, ...

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