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Apply for Tibet Visa from Nepal

Many travelers choose to enter Tibet from Nepal after visiting Nepal, the mysterious Himalaya Country. As prescribed in the Chinese immigration regulation, all tourists entering Tibet from Nepal should apply for Chinese Group Visa, as well as Tibet Travel Permit.

Chinese Group Visa for Entering Tibet from Nepal

The Group Visa is a single entry tourist visa that issued by Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It is a special Group Visa only for travelers enter Tibet via Nepal. If you already obtained a Chinese Visa in your own country, the old one will be invalid when the Chinese Group Visa is issued. So it is suggested to apply for your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu if you plan to enter Tibet from Nepal.

Tibet Permit (Tibet Visa or Travel Permit)

Whether you enter Tibet from Nepal or Mainland China, Tibet Permits, also known as Tibet visa, is one of the necessary documents required for a Tour in Tibet in addition to Chinese Visa. Beside the Tibet Travel Permit for entering Tibet, you may also need to apply for an Aliens’ Travel Permit for visiting Mount Everest region, or a Military Area Entry Permit if you want to visit Mt.Kailash in Ali or Rowok Lake in Chamdo.

How to Apply for Tibet Permit if Entering Tibet from Nepal

If you enter Tibet from Nepal, the process of getting the Tibet permit is exactly opposite to the process of getting Tibet permit if you’re entering Tibet from Mainland China. In this case, you will apply Tibet permit first, then apply for your China Visa in Kathmandu with your Tibet permit and the invitation letter.

Step 1: Confirm your Tibet travel plan and book full tour services with a Local travel agency

Neither Tibet Tourism Bureau nor Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu would accept individual applications. Tourists must apply through a travel agency. Once you book a Tibet tour with confirmed travel itinerary and full tour packages with a local travel agency, the agency will apply for your Tibet travel permit on your behalf before your departure. What you need to do is send them the scanned copy of your passport.

It usually takes 5-7 working days to obtain Tibet Travel Permit and Visa invitation letter issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau.

Step 2: Be in Kathmandu at least two working days in Advance

Arrive in Kathmandu few days before your departure and contact the local office of your travel agency to submit your original passport. You need to pay for the Chinese Visa Application and Visa service at this stage.

Please note:

The working day refers to Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The more urgent your application is, the more service charges you need to pay.

Step 3: Get your Chinese Visa for enter Tibet from Nepal

Once issued, the Chinese Group Visa for enter Tibet from Kathmandu will be delivered to your hotel in Kathmandu. When you head for Tibet, you must bring 3 documents with you, namely Tibet Travel Permit, Visa invitation letter and Chinese Visa issued by Chinese embassy in Kathmandu.

Kind reminders:

Neither Tibet Tourism Bureau nor Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu would accept individual applications. Tourists must apply through a travel agency.

Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu only works on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The working day refers to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Please attention that Group Tourist Visa is a special type of Visa to Tibet. Any other Chinese Visa you obtained before would become invalid automatically once the Group Visa is issued.  

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