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Tibet Train Luggage Allowance and Restriction

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Traveling in Tibet is usually quite different from traveling in other regions in China. One usually needs to pack with a lot of luggage, but at the same time should know clear about the Regulation on Luggage Carriage in China – what are the allowed items, prohibited items, limited items, restriction on the luggage sizes and weights, etc. Flowing is the helpful guide on how to bring and transport luggage during a Tibet train trip:

Regulation on Luggage on Tibet Trains

According to the China Rail Safety Management Regulations, passengers are allowed to bring and store a contain size and weight of luggage for free when taking a China trains, including Tibet trains.

A 34-inch Suitcase Is Allowed on the Train

Boarding Train with Luggage

Allowed Luggage Weight

Each adult passenger can bring luggage which weighs less than 20kg(44pounds);

Each child (under 1.6m tall and 16 years old) can bring luggage of less than 10kg(22pounds);

The allowed luggage weight for diplomats is up to 35kg(77pounds).

Allowed Luggage Size

The total sum of the length, widths and height of each luggage can’t exceed 160cm (63inches);

The length of the rod-shaped baggage can’t exceed 200cn (79inches).

Important Tips to Know

1. If your luggage exceeds the allowed weight or size, you have to use the consignment service. It costs around 1.6 CNY/per kg.

2. As a matter of current fact, the officers in the railway station will not measure the length and weight of your luggage. So, as long as you luggage is not extremely large, all your luggage can be bring with you to your compartment in the train.

4. Items used by the disable don’t have to meet the weight and size restriction.

5. If you are traveling with a lot of stuffs, you can pack them into different kinds of carriers, such as suitcase, packsack, handbag, which usually make it easier to pass the luggage check-in.


Police Collelcted Prohibited Items at Railway Station

According to the China Rail Safety Management Regulations, following items are prohibited to be brought to the train:

1. Any kind of gun, even the imitation and model;

2. Any item which is explosive or contain explosive materials, even the fireworks and firecracker;

3. Any edge tools and blunt instruments that may harm to other passengers’ life, such as knives, axe, bow, etc. Even the wrapped knifes as goods or souvenirs;

4. Any kind of animal, including pet;

5. Any item with strong pungent smell;

6. Any item containing hypertoxic, radioactive, corrosive and contagious materials;

7. Motorcycle and bike, even the foldable bike (if you want to bring the bike with you, you can use the consignment service or disassemble the bike and pack well);

8. Luggage exceeding the allowed sizes and weights.


Limited Items:

Police Collelcted Prohibited Items at Railway Station

Following items can be brought to the train, but their amounts are restricted;

1. One or two gas lighters;

2. One or two match boxes;

3. Items like nail polish, delusterant, hair dyes less than 20ml (0.7floz);

4. Pressure ejecting vessel items like coldwave agent, fixature, insecticide, air freshener, styling mousse, insecticide less than 120ml (4.2 fl oz l);

5. 6 bottles sealed and packed alcohol (each bottle should be less than17.6floz or 500ml), but the alcohol concentration should be lower than 50%;

6. 2 bottles sealed and packed alcohol (each bottle should be less than17.6floz or 500ml) which concentration over 50%;


How to Consign Your Luggage

Passengers Are Consigning Luggage

If you travel by train with too many suitcases, bags and other stuffs, you have to use the Consignment Service on the train. Each train ticket only allows you to consign luggage for only once. The weight of each luggage shouldn’t exceed 50kg (110pounds). The cost for the consignment is charged by distance, usually about 16 CNY/per kg. Currency, securities, cultural relics, jewelry, important documents and other valuables are not available for consignment.

To consign your luggage, you’d better get to the railway station at least about 2 hours before your train departure. You can also consign your luggage several days in advance. You are required to present your train ticket and gill in a form when consigning your luggage. Usually your consigned luggage will be transported in the same train that you will go to take. When you arrive at the final station, the conductor will inform you to pick up your luggage.


Luggage Space on Tibet Trains

A Conductor is Arranging the Luggages

Luggage Space on Tibet Trains

There is a large and wide luggage closet above the door in each Soft Sleeper Carriage. It is about 16 inches (40cm) high and 20 inches (50cm) wide. You can place some smaller luggage and suitcases here. As for larger and heavier luggage, you can put them under the lower berth. Learn more about Soft Sleeper

Luggage Service in the Hard Sleeper Carriage

There are two places for passengers to put luggage. One is the luggage rack above the window by the side the aisle. It is about 20.9 inches (53 cm) wide, and can place a large suitcase. Another place is the space under the lower sleepers which is about 12 inches (30 cm) high and 24 inches (60cm) wide. Valuable personal belongs should be put in your carry-on bag. Learn more about Hard Sleeper


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