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Toilet and Bathroom on Tibet Trains

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On the Tibetan trains, there are toilets, public sinks and hot water dispensers to meet your basic needs. Compared with other trains in China, the bathrooms (without shower) are much “luxurious”.

Both Western-Style Toilet and Squat Toilets Provided

Western Toilet

Squat Toilet

There are two toilets at the left and right ends of each carriage on the Tibetan trains, irrespective of gender. The toilets are western-style (seat type) in the Soft Sleeper Carriages and Chinese toilet (squat type) in the Hard Sleeper Carriages and Hard Seats Carriages. A bigger-sized toilet with handrail is also available to provide easy access for the people in wheelchair. From your carriage, you can see the indicator lights on the top of the door opening. When the light is red, it suggests that someone is using the toilet. When the light turns green, you can use it. Please note that all the toilets will be locked when the trains stop at the stations.

Apart from humanized design to be adapted by people from different countries, the toilets on the Tibetan trains are rather environment-friendly. The train has a Toilet Waste Collection System which can collect the human waste and handle them without causing any pollution when the train reaches to the terminal.

Facilities in the Toilet

There is one water basin and one dustbin in the toilet. Toilet papers are also prepared, but you’d better bring your own supply of toilet paper just in case, especially near the end of the journey. In the bathroom, you can see two buttons, a green one and a red one. After you use the toilet, you can push the green one to flush the toilet. If you feel sick suddenly or some other emergency occurs, just push the red button to seek help and the staff members will come at soon.


Public Washing Sinks

Neat Washing Sinks

There is a specially designed washing area with 3 basic sinks in each carriage located by the toilets and room-temperature water is supplied. A big mirror on the wall can be used for shaving and makeup. This area is very convenient for you to do the washing and remember to bring hand sanitizer and your own washcloth. You are suggested to prepare a quick-drying towel before your train journey. In the morning and at night, the sinks area will be busy because the sinks are shared by all passengers in the carriage usually. You can avoid the busy time in the morning from 7-9am or evening from 6-9pm.


Receive Drinkable Hot Water from the Dispenser

Hot Water Dispendser

The hot water dispenser is opposite to the sinks. There is also an indicator light on the dispenser. You can use it to make instant noodles and tea. On some trains, the dispenser can only dispense boiled hot water, and you can get the water directly. On other trains, there is an indicator light on the dispenser. If the red light is on, the dispenser is heating the water and the water is undrinkable. When the light turns to green, you can get the boiled water. Be careful when you get hot water. If you feel too thirsty to wait for cool water, buy one from the food trolley on the train and do not drink the water from the tap of the public sinks or toilet.


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Warm Tips about Toilets on Train

1. Remember to bring your own toilet paper with you, for there is no prepared toilet paper.

2. The toilet will be locked whenever the train stop at railway station.

3. The washrooms in Soft Sleep Carriages are usually cleaner than those in Hard Sleeper Carriages and Hard Seat Carriages.

4. The toilets are shared and there is no private washroom even in any Soft Sleep Cabin.

5. Passengers are advised to choose a seat or sleeper not close to toilet to avoid the continuous noise.

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