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Medical Service on Tibet Trains

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Because of the really high altitude of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway (the highest altitude reaches to over 5,000m), it is s common to get a slight or serious high altitude sickness. However, all Tibet trains are equipped with oxygen supplies and medical service to reduce the passengers’ sickness.

Red Emergence Button in the Toilets

Oxygen Outlet near the Sleeper

Press Emergency Button

There are two buttons in the every toilet on Tibet trains. The green one is used for flushing the used toilet. The red one is the emergency button for seeking for help when any emergency occurs. Whenever you feel dizzy, sickness or breathless in the toilets, press the red button and the trained attendant will come to help you immediately.

Use Oxygen Outlet

Oxygen outlets can be easily found on the Tibet train. When the trains arrive in Gelmud, the oxygen supplies begin to work. Feel free to ask the train conductor for an oxygen pipe. When you suffer from any sickness caused by oxygen deprivation, connect the oxygen outlet and your nose with the disposable oxygen pipe, and then you can breathe freely. However, you’d better not use oxygen bottle immediately if your symptoms are not worse, which is helpful to acclimatize faster.

Ask Medical Staff for Help

If the oxygen outlet fails to ease your sickness, don’t hesitate to ask the train conductor to call the medical staff for you. Every train from or to Tibet is equipped with modern facilities to provide passengers temporary medical service. The experienced doctors and trained nurses are available for dealing with and attending the medical emergencies of the passengers and the passengers can get timely and effective first aid.


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Warm Tips

Although there are professional medical staff and available medical service, you are suggested to make some preparation before your Tibet Tour and you are able to enjoy a safer and more comfortable journey.

1. Take a full physical examination to make sure your body is ok for high altitude environment. It is very dangerous if anyone visit Tibet with heavy cold, severe anemia, high blood pressure, heart disease or any other breathing disease.

2. Ask your doctor and prepare some medicine for preventing or curing high altitude sickness.

3. Keep physically & mentally healthy and avoid high strenuous exercise ten days before your Tibet journey.

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