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Shenyang to Lhasa Train: A New Train to Tibet Is Open

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Shenyang to Lhasa train is available to take now since Feb, 2016! This is a good news for the ones who are living, working or touring in Shenyang, provincial capital of Liaoning Province, one of the significant city of northeast of China, and they would like to take a train travel to Tibet, the Holy Land.

Presently, the train from Shenyang to Lhasa arrives in Beijing firstly with the train number of D4, and then the tourists need to transfer to the train from Beijing to Lhasa (Z21), with about 1 hour's stopover and transferring.

In the Future, the train will be adjusted to connect Shenyang with Lhasa directly, without transfering in Beijing. We will update the information then.

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Distance Frequency
D4(Shenyang-Beijing) 07:50 12:59 5:09 Hours 439 kilometers daily
Z21(Bejing-Lhasa) 20:00 12:30 40:30 Hours 3739 kilometers daily

Background Information of Shenyang to Lhasa Train:

The train from Shenyang to Lhasa is 25T specially used for the Qinghai-Tibet route on the peculiar climate. Therefore, the overall cost is 25 to 30 percent higher than the common trains.

There are two oxygen supply modes in this train. One is as dispersive as the central air-conditioning, the other is using the oxygen masks beside seats.

Why Take a Train to Lhasa from Shenyang?

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, well known as “the roof of the world”, is rolling on the west of China This mysterious and beautiful place is also the source of Yangtze River and Yellow River.

In the meanwhile, the long distance and high mountains hinder from the connection with Shenyang, the northeast of China, and lots of tourists turn away because of the Altitude Sickness.

Taking the train is an ideal way to Lhasa. During the trip, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. The most important thing is that tourists can gradually adapt to the Altitude Sickness by train.

Besides, it is useful to take the Rhodiola oral liquid before leaving for Tibet, which is helpful for easing the high Altitude Sickness.

What’s more, travelling by train is economical and practical with the affordable single ticket price.

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