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Lhasa to Xining Train

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Lhasa to Xining train and Xining to Lhasa  trains are running back and forth along Tibet Railway with the total distance of 1,956 km. Currently, 5 pairs of trains are available daily with the journey time of about 21 - 21.5 hours. Ticket price is CNY 521 for a hard sleeper and CNY 808 for a soft sleeper.

Like each Tibet train, the train from Lhasa to Xining is also especially built for the high altitude environment and equipped with advanced facilities, such as air-conditioning, supercharging system, oxygen supply, altitude display, etc. The train is also tightly sealed so as to firstly keep the inside air pressure normal and secondly prevent passengers from littering. Besides, all the carriages are installed with double-paned windows and ultraviolet filters to protect passengers from ultraviolet radiation.

There are several trains from Lhasa to Xining, but most of them are bound for other cities of China and stop at Xining Train Station generally for 20 minutes. Only one train, Z6802 starts from Lhasa and end at Xining. The train Z6802 from Lhasa to Xining departs every other day at 09:45 from Lhasa Train Station, and arrives at Xining Railway Station at 07:15 on the second day after over 21:30 hours covering a distance of 1972 kilometers. The operational speed is also 120 km/h, 100 km/h over sections laid on permafrost. It costs around RMB800 for a first-class sleeper berth, about RMB500 for a second-class sleeper berth and half that for a soft seat.

Lhasa to Xining train schedule

Train Available
Hard Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
(09:00,1st day)
(06:43,2nd day)
RMB ¥495
RMB¥ 781

Lhasa to Xining Train Schedules and Fares

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration Riding Time
Z6802(Lhasa-Xining) 08:50 06:43 21hrs 43mins every other day
Z918(Lhasa-Lanzhou) 09:00 06:43 21hrs 43mins every other day
Z22(Lhasa-Beijing) 16:30 13:25 21hrs 55mins daily
Z166(Lhasa-Shanghai) 11:30 08:55 21hrs 25mins daily
Z324(Lhasa-Chengdu) 18:35 15:15 20hrs 40mins every other day
Z224(Lhasa-Chongqing) 18:35 15:15 20hrs 40mins every other day
Z266(Lhasa-Guangzhou) 12:55 10:20 21hrs 25mins every other day

Xining to Lhasa Train Ticket Fare

Soft Sleeper (CNY) Hard Sleeper (CNY) Hard Seats (CNY)
Upper Berth Lower Berth Upper Berth Middle Berth Lower Berth 224
781 808 495 507 521

Tibet Railway

Tibet Railway is the first and only railway connecting Tibet with other areas of China, providing tourists another way to reach Tibet other than flight. The scenery along the way is amazing, including grassland, gobi, snow-capped mountains, and you may even see rare animals. It is also the world’s highest railway. When traveling on it, you’d better bring some medicines to protect you from high mountain sickness. Also, Tibet Travel Permit is required from overseas travelers to Tibet.

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